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WW2 French Chasseurs Alpins 1/35 figures Heller

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Here are these Chasseurs Alpins from Heller. I bought them in a small toy shop, which had them for years. At first I thought they were some kind of parade unit,I just learned afterwards their history! painted a good few years back, but only did pictures of them today.


Rather straightforward, changing a bit the poses. and printing a "Le Figaro" newspaper for one of them :) . I have another set of them, which I am between trading away or building in other poses...







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Thanks ;) . They fought very actively in ww1 and ww2. The difference between the uniforms is almost non-existant, these I believe use more modern rifles, and later in ww2 they adopted green uniforms, but basically you could use them for both conflicts. In ww1 they fought actively in the Vosges mountains during all the war, and in WW2 they were flown to Narvik in Norway to fight the germans, plus they also saw limited service defending France from Italy. Before buying these soldiers, I wasn't aware of them, and although they appeared in some photographs in a few books I read, I had overlooked them and didn't know of their importance.

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