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T-2 JASDF Air Proving Wing (1/72)

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Having now finished both my M5 tractor and (almost) my Shinkai 6500, it's time to spool up another build. I picked this because it'll be the same basic grey colour as my T-4 which has not stalled but is just waiting on me to do some sanding. As this may also need that, I'll bring this one up to the same point and continue them together from there. 


This is a nice new (to me) kit I bought recently with this GB in mind. The kit itself of course is pretty old but it's really nice. Simple, but nice.






This boxing has actually four different aircraft you can do. Two are apparently aggressors - they have Soviet style red bort numbers on the nose (see the box art plane). They have the black markings on the front of the wings which gives the impression the wing is more of a delta, perhaps to mimic a Mig-21.


The other interesting option is a jet from the Air Proving Wing which carries the two larger missiles (I believe they represent the ASM-1, a Japanese air to surface anti ship missile with performance somewhere between a Kormoran and a Harpoon, from what I can tell). In the scheme, the missiles are yellow and orange suggesting this was the test plane for them. 


The last option is just a grey trainer, pretty boring. 


So I have to choose between one of the aggressors, or the test wing plane.


The aggressors have the cobra badge on their tail and the weird wing blackout markings and fake canopy, and the APW test one has the blue circle and swish marking plus the colourful missiles:



I asked myself WWEMD but realised with only one actual airframe I can't build ALL OF THEM. So I have to sleep on it I guess, as well as entertain suggestions from the GB crew...



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My suggestion is you need at least one more kit. Then you can do W.W.E.M.D. ;)

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..... there's a wee little thing called the "buy now" button, that'd make the decision so much easier!!! :D


Nice choice as well,


I do like the Aggressor scheme, though but a bird with a pair of BFM's can't be knocked back either, decisions decisions.........no what would our lord and master do???  :hmmm:


Good luck with this build as well.........and no I do not have shares in Hasegawa! :D

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I made a start on this thing over the last few days. The instrument panel decals are actually pretty decent to look at. The front panel is clear and I later painted it behind there in grey, so it's not as see-through as that looks.




I see that big circle on the side wall...can't be bother dealing with it as it will be hard to see by the time my pilot and his seat are in place.


This is an older Hasegawa kit - still has raised detail - but wow it really fits together neatly.






Such a good looking plane, too. I have to confess, I was never that fussed about this one and I only really bought it because I thought, hey, it's like 1,000 yen why not? I'm glad I did, and as I have been looking at the completed airframe, I've come to be quite taken by its general appearance. I think part of the problem is most of the pics I'd seen of it were taken on the ground, in front, really emphasizing the kind of humpy nature of it. But when you see it from other angles you see how sleek and purposeful it looks.




Of course it looks a lot like a Jaguar. Reminds me I must progress my Jaguar which is presently at roughly the same stage this thing is at. It'd be fun to park them next to each other on my air base downstairs.


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Looking good . The box art scheme looks good too . Then you can use the cobra 

Martin H

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I painted this recently using Vallejo Model Colour "sky grey" which seems about the right colour.


Then i realized I'd forgotten to put the intakes on, so I did that and had to sand back a bit to get it looking semi-acceptable.




I've also masked and painted some of the orange areas (also with Vallejo Model Colour, but "bright orange"). 




The nose area will also be that same orange - you can see the sloped line where the grey ends.


As you can see I've definitely decided to do the Air Proving Wing aircraft which also has the colourful missiles under the wings.

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  • bianfuxia changed the title to T-2 JASDF Air Proving Wing (1/72)

Made a little more progress and I am calling the majority of the painting done. Still some detail to do like the tip rails, tail tip and nose cone.




The missiles have been done too.




The kit comes with two pilots, of whom only one is needed for this version. But although the instructions suggest he has an oxygen mask and other stuff you'd expect for a fastjet pilot, the moulding is pretty soft. So on closer inspection while painting his helmet, I decided to switch him out for a different one i think.





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Progress has continued:




I finished up that painting and added the undercarriage.


Since then I've been doing the decals:





In this photo below, it looks like a heinous mess. The right wing red marking is portrayed badly in this shot - it had just gone on and is still wet and wrinkly from Mr Mark Softer. The pic is really to show what happened between the wings when I realized I'd used the wrong black marking decal....after I had already done the mr Mark Softer. So I had to kind of scratch it off, wrecking the paint. That will all be fixed and the proper decals applied, and I guess I will have to paint in the black lines where the first decals should have gone but now cannot because they were destroyed in fixing the first mistake.




Seen from a different angle a little later, it doesn't look too bad:



Still a little way to go but the end is now in sight!

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Since the last post, I added the canopy and completed the decals:



At first, I wondered if the canopy was going to fit well:



But with a little more careful effort, it basically looked ok:



Those pics above were still just test fits.


Then I went ahead and added the underwing stores - some kind of pod (I don't think it's a tank) and two prototype anti-ship missiles:



Then I painted the canopy frames and added some of the gear doors and air brakes.





The rear seat position has a cover over it, which sits inside the canopy.


And then, FINISHED! 


Until I remembered the tail planes...


These have no fewer than four colours on them - white, steel, grey and fluro orange. They're a slow work-in-progress at the moment:





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Oops, sorry for missing this, I think I was getting mixed up with your T-4 build. This has turned out well, I have a F-1 kit which I'm guessing is much like this one, interesting to see yours with your Jaguar, I've always has my suspicions about them. ;) :D  It'll be nice to see this done & in the gallery with this scheme showing it off well.


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