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1/32 F-14 undercarriage sets for Tamiya and Trumpeter kits now RELEASED AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE


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Here is my plan for the undercarriage parts for the kits. I decided to get the best results ‘hopefully’ price, details and strength I would redraw the main parts so that I can offer a set that will have brass parts and 3D printed parts that can be used with the kit parts, and the obviously further detailed and upgraded by the modellers that choose to do that.

The first picture shows some of the parts from my first trial print. The final brass parts will be developed from the final 3D printed parts and cast by the brass casting company, the grey parts will be supplied as 3D printed parts. Final tweaks still and details need to be made and more parts will be added to the 3D resin parts to complete the sets.

I hope to have these available within June.

I anticipate the price will be in the region of £25.00 to £30.00 per set, with no fixed obligation on your part an email on your interest in any of the sets would assist me greatly for planning 

please email me at aerocraftmodels@gmail.com


you will have 4 choices

Tamiya standard configuration 

Tamiya launch configuration 

Trumpeter standard configuration 

Trumpeter launch configuration 

A927F56F-6A7A-4447-A954-CEE04AC521B6 D77357AC-3245-44D4-8352-8F55FFC3152A 54D7FA22-CF5D-44A0-936D-F0B90D19B327 F3C8EADC-CA1C-43E2-8CEE-2EF9B303D1D4 AC6D2CAF-F970-447D-935A-11F5ED05B0F7 B5578AB4-3657-4017-B68C-EDA50523D505 4AE1BDA9-D851-4DDD-B75E-B365DCC7AC14


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I've registered my interest in a set for the Tamiya kit on LSP, but it won't hurt for me to follow this thread as well.





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I'm really forward to these Tomcat legs. The ones provided with the Trumpeter are simply not up to the job, on such a heavy kit. The Tamiya-supplied set is better, but still not exactly great...





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  • Ali62 changed the title to 1/32 F-14 undercarriage sets for Tamiya and Trumpeter kits now RELEASED AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE
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I've just received two sets of F-14 Trumpeter legs from Ali. The only way I can describe them...? SUPERB. The brass legs are faultless and very strong. The numerous 3-D printed parts are very detailed and crisp. These are a massive upgrade from the kit parts and - I would say - a must have for displaying the kit for any length of time. 





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