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Fading a camo scheme, advice sought


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Hi all, I have just 'finished' a four colour camo on a MiG-25, but want to knock it back a bit as it is too bright. While I don't want to go for a boneyard bleached out look, it could do with some fading if nothing else to make it appear less toy like. It will be weathered with stains ets further down the line, but I would like your advice of how to give it a subtle faded look without overdoing it. Also, I believe that the fading would also apply to the markings etc, but would like some confirmation on this as I know some forces to refresh them





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Spray an overall coat of very dilute paint, perhaps tan, grey or brown. It should be VERY dilute - more like tinted thinners. Let that dry and apply more coats depending on how faded you want it. And mask the canopy beforehand, of course!


That's one way of doing it. 


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If it’s a green, mix in a bit of yellow.

a brown, some lighter tan.

black, a dark grey, blue or brown.


whites added tend to be too stark when fading out a scheme.

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