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PK-37 HS Sea Harrier FRS.1/51 ---Finished

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Having already completed 4 builds for this GB I'm throwing this one in as I am also doing it for a Falklands 40th GB on the IPMS Ireland Forum.

It will be a a quick straight forward out of the box build.





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Its a pretty straight forward kit of few parts. As normal per early Matchbox, there's no trace of a cockpit. The canopy is fairly thick so Ill fancy up the seat a bit, apart from that its onward as Matchbox intended.





parts together and a quick basecoat as I was spraying another kit and had some left over in the colour cup.



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Some more assembly and a couple of coats of paint.


Usual problems with trying to get an even coat of white and the Mr Hobby Extra DSG just looks too dark. Still seamlines showing so some filler needed.






After 24 hours  another coat of white and some white added to the EDSG. The white looks very white!!



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  • 4 weeks later...

cracked on with getting this finished,

gloss coat, decals, light weathering, wheels, improvised front landing bay doors....none with kit, wing stabilisers very short... was going to remedy but this is a low detail kit so not relly worth it,

Then accidently got superglue on canopy while working on another project....


Here it is FWIW











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  • Derek D. changed the title to PK-37 HS Sea Harrier FRS.1/51 ---Finished

I believe that getting glue on the canopy is a legal requirement on a proper vintage build.


If you hadn't mentioned it, I would never have known as it looks just fine from here.


Well done, and congratulations on your fifth finished model.

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