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T-34/76 1940

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Have been able to get my hands on a Mono/Dragon release of this kit.

It is tiny!

Thinking of finding the cheapest Miniart T-34 I can find to transplant the interior bits (following all relevant literature of course!)

I have some AM stuff (obligatory Aber sets, resin radio's, ammo etc)

Any hints/tips/pitfalls?

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The interior for the Miniart kits will not fit into the Dragon hull without a fair amount of cutting and other gymnastics.  The Miniart kits are also based on the T-34/85, so the gun, interiors and engines are a bit different if you are going for accuracy. The Miniart hulls are flat-packed while Dragon uses a molded tub, which will make it much more difficult to simply add the Miniart bits into the Dragon hull.  While not as accurate as the Miniart interior, AFV Club makes a T-34/76 with a tub hull and full interior, although it is still a different gun (F34, not L-11).  Armo makes a resin 1940 T-34 turret and hull with interior if you can find it.

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