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[MGS] 1/100 Metal Gear Rex

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I am a big fan of Metal Gear series,

This MG-REX is followed game color scheme.









Working Photos:
32210478707_c8fe068695_z.jpg     32210479437_1b6f1fdc4a_z.jpg


32210478407_f683eb1acf_z.jpg     32210480057_9057e1aa47_z.jpg




32157141207_5524f8dac7_z.jpg     46429020024_51472121d2_z.jpg




Product Photos:
32210485547_1149d1a94a_z.jpg     32210485257_6f3374c5cc_z.jpg


32210485327_7832d31ff4_z.jpg     32210485077_6efdf572b0_z.jpg


32210484667_3bdfd4b4d3_z.jpg     32210484097_642df272bd_z.jpg


32210483667_114143bc03_z.jpg     32210483327_bbf4e0ff5e_z.jpg


32210482967_3c73d5dc99_z.jpg     32210482297_4095b6c3eb_z.jpg


32210486537_685b40ef1c_z.jpg     32210486567_3c182cb080_z.jpg




32210490187_ecd61c4294_z.jpg     46238314865_f0c581f8d1_z.jpg


46429019254_539e90ed0c_z.jpg     46429006694_87f961a299_z.jpg


32210489927_519bf3ac8c_z.jpg     32210489947_85c90b5383_z.jpg


46429003624_bba0786339_z.jpg     32210488987_75e3658a04_z.jpg


40187498173_2c366e360a_z.jpg     32210491817_723f32d01e_z.jpg


32210488727_595d4633f7_z.jpg     46238315565_9cac3880ac_z.jpg


46238315815_c51f5fabdf_z.jpg     46238315165_75917e67f5_z.jpg


32210488477_484bb2e4de_z.jpg     32210489347_ba5769f269_z.jpg


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That is epic!


Wouldn't want to meet that in a darkened alley....




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Thx HadesOmega




12 hours ago, HadesOmega said:

has been on my wish list for ages


Koto keeps re-publish it, go search it in online shop.

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On 22/05/2022 at 03:23, Yg Models said:

thx 45DegreesModelling 😊


but won't have MGS6 unless konami could return the license back to designer...😂

I know, it’s such a shame!

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