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Build #2 - 1/144 Super Fumina - Gundam Build Fighters Try

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So those of you who have been keeping track of my Nadesico build will know that I have been toying with at least another 3 builds, well here is the first one.  I have 3 months left so I should get this one completed at least.


I am going to be annoying like "Uncle Richie" was and see if anyone can guess what I am going to build.  I was going to use a pictionary guide to help people guess but some of the pictures where way too close for this family orientated forum so decided to leave the main ones out.  I will include a picture that might help some people if they know what it is.  All I will say is that the kit is from Bandai and it is a HG line model.  If you think of the phrase "ごしゅじんさま!!!" (Goshujin-sama!!!), over priced cafe's and TV's shows I have recommended in the past you might get an idea... I think it's one of those things that if you know, then you know - if no one guesses correctly by next Monday, I will just start posting pictures to keep the thread going.  Here is a little visual hint.




Yes that is a Gundam (the RX-121 Hazel Gundam TR-1 to be exact), but I am not building one, but it is linked however.  Besides I have already built one of these for a GB way back in 2014... damn that was a while ago (see below for the finished article)!  That picture links the clues of Greek Gods and Rabbits together.  FYI those rabbits on the Gundam's finger are Hazel and Bigwig (I think it's Bigwig, could be Fiver).




The kit I have isn't an original one neither, so I will be modifying it to be what I am aiming for, I will also be doing a custom job on the decals/paint/kit as well.  But I will be working on this one while I am waiting for paint to dry on the Nadesico.  I just want to add that this build is way out of my comfort zone and I haven't build anything like this before so am I am a bit nervous how it will turn out.  I also need to collect some bits from my shed at my parents house before I am fully comitted to this.


Let the guessing commence. 


Kind regards,



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arrr I did see this one in the Scalemates lists of one of my searches but for some reason thought it was too obvious (there were a couple of other with the search.


Think the bunnies set me off on the wrong path as well.


We gotta have a Gundam in a Japanese build!!!  So it's great to see one here.


Good luck with this one.

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Well the build is inspired by Gundam and is from a series in the franchise but it's isn't a Gundam nor a Mobile Suit (Zaku, Dom Trooper, Kampfer and so forth).  The pictures above are a link to what it will look like... oh sod it, I will make it easier.  The Greek gods and rabbits link.  It is a kit that will be painted in the Titan Test Team colours from Zeta Gundam/Flag of the Titans series.  The rabbit link is because all of the Titans Test Team mecha are named after characters in Watership Down whom are rabbits - Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver and so forth.  The real clue is "ごしゅじんさま!!!" (Goshujin-sama!!!) or over priced cafe's... that is what the kit will be.  I think it was a P-bandai kit as well - well the original one is.


I am planning on joining in with a Gundam at a later date though.  Not sure which one yet though as I have a few options. 


Kind regards,



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Hello everyone,


I know everyone has been wondering what I have been prattling on about - well here we are.


It has been mentioned by my self a few times on this forum that I am a big fan of the "Flag of Titans" series in the Gundam UC universe.  Even though the Titans are right gits (massive understatement!), the mobile suits for them are just amazing and I love the designs for them.  This is a build I have been planning for a while now, ever since I saw the official P-Bandai kit.  Anyhow, this is the base kit I will be using.




This is an actual kit that appears in the show "Gundam Build Fighters Try".  IT's a really good show and isn't a serious one at all, but is really aimed at model making and Gunpla in the main.  I forget the name of the character, but he has a bit of a crush on one of the fighters in the Try Team who builds the Cardigan GM (below and a kit I still have to finish) - notice the similarities in colours/load out.  When Fumina see's this kit of her, she is a little embarassed - who wouldn't be?!  But that is where I will leave it story wise.




So a few years ago I saw the P-Bandai Titan's Maid version which looks likes the one below. I have always liked the Titan's coloured mobile suits and I liked this design so I wanted to copy to a little degree - notice the bunny ears?  I need to play with the colours a bit as I am not a fan of the black, but am thinking of a purple/royal blue version.  Also I will be modifying the kit so the knee highs will be thigh highs, the cycling shorts will go (these are a Fumina trademark of sorts) and I hate the gun she holds.  I will probably use the beam gun that the Hazel carries as I have a few of them.  I was also thinking of giving her Hazel "heels" if I can figure out how to scratch build them.  I am also toying with the idea of using bigger shields. or even curved ones.




Pictures of the parts and the instructions.




I have to use the stand as she will not stand on her own, her backpack is far oo heavy.




Lots of runners and plastic.  I think I will try painting the eyes as well just to make things a little more difficult for myself.  I have been watching a lot of GK (garage kit) builders on YouTube of late and I really want to give figure painting a try.  That is why this is way out of my comfort zone, I have never done anything like this before.  Lets see how badly I can mess this up eh?! :D


So as always, you start with the head, arms and chest.




Kinda freaky really.  In the background you can see the two Hornets, the T-80 the Titanic and the engine nacelles from the Nadesico.  I can see a few gaps that will need to be filled in and some work that will need to be done here or there.  I love the beam sabres, thats pretty cute/clever.  The finger tips will all be red as well as a nod to the Titans Test Team mecha.




SHE STANDS... but not for long.  It doesn't take me that long to get to this point.  About an hour.  This is the first kit that threw me off by having specific left and right legs, took me a while to figure out why they didn't fit together correctly.




With the stand built as she did fall over and landed on the two Hornets that have since been moved out of the way.  Now it's time to plan the colours/paint and what I am going to glue/fill.  Bonus points to anyone who can tell me who is on the monitor and what song they are singing ;)


I am working on the Nadesico still, but it is alot of white on white kinda work and not worth showing off.  I also have builds #3 and #4 lined up as well.  :D


Kind regards,






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  • Dazzio changed the title to Build #2 - 1/144 Super Fumina - Gundam Build Fighters Try

Nice!  I've actually got a Mobile Suit May in the stash that was a back burner possibility.  Looking forward to seeing how you go about tweaking this kit.

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wow what an interesting build/subject.


I haven't seen these before, what a really interesting model.


looking forward to following this build.


I need to exert a wee bit of control over what I want to build here, I have 3 going, all well pasted the 50% mark which is nice...... but temptation is forever lurking! :D


I have this on the way...




plus i'm hoping to get this, am chasing one currently, it's at a reasonably price at the moment, unlike the ones on evilBay!!!



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