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1/72 Airfix Hurricane


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Good morning all.

My entry this time around is the Airfix Hurricane. I'm dreadfully short of time today, so this could be fun. To help out, I have canopy and camo masks handy, and a written plan of attack.


Let's get going, and best wishes for everyone's builds, Justin.

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3 hours in, and I have a whole lot primed or painted, and ready to assemble. I had to uphold tradition and use a little pink primer, because Blitz Build.


Time to take a break for lunch and some domestic chore I've found myself assigned.

Cheers, Justin.


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That's me done for the day. Hope to have time after work tomorrow to get some paint on, and maybe decals.



As much as my progress has been slower than I hoped for, it's a lovely little kit, and has been a joy to build.

Cheers, Justin.

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