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1/72 SBS DH.88 Comet


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I always liked the Comet.

SBS kit is a bunch of resin, etched and metal cast parts of highest quality, will be fun to build. It will be Black/Gold "Black Magic", of course





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3 hours ago, Enzo Matrix said:

A resin kit in a blitzbuild.  Doesn't get much cooler than that! 


Resin kits of high quality such as SBS, Small Stuff, Dekno or Prop&Jet are ideal for Blitz!


The day was too beautiful for glue sniffing. Still, I managed to make some progress. The biggest problem is that the whole plane is black, including interior. Black is a difficult colour, too blind if not articulated so I tried to do some shading and drybrushing




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1 hour ago, Enzo Matrix said:

Looking at the position of the cockpit, the aircraft must have been very difficult to steer on the ground.


Not really, such position was quite usual for tail-draggers of the epoch


Resin transparencies are a bit turbid to my taste, I would prefer a vacform. Usual remedies - Tamiya polishing compounds and Kleer bath to the rescue



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One of the prominent features that are missing in the kit are rudder and elevator weight balances




SWMBO just reminded me that we are going to theatre tonight ...  This means that the chances to complete it on time are very slim. I don't want to rush, black gloss is not an easy finish 



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