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A Sliver - Sorry Silver Spitfire - Airfix 1/72 Spitfire 22 - Now Done

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As @JOCKNEY is building a Fujimi Griffon Spitfire, I thought I would try my hand again at the Airfix Spitfire 22.  Its been in a store box for some time and now Airfix are re-releasing it, I can crack open the kit.


So it will be the Silver RAuxAF version of 603 Sqn, City of Edinburgh.  I'll re-arrange those words to the correct SW format later!




Start time on my Chinese Seagull 1963 watch is 09:25 start up.  What could go wrong?

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Time and Relative Dimension in Space  - Things are stuck together


There was an amount of annoying flash on the kit and I also forgot that Airfix Spitfire cockpits don't go together as easily as the instructions would have you believe.  That said, the new airfix 1/72 Spitfire Vc was an easier build.  I did not go mad on the cockpit as it will be a closed canopy and you cannot see anything at all really.  




The fuselage is clamped together as the top joint is somewhat dodgy and will need filling, hence the plastic putty standing by.  I have put some 'collars' on the gun joints as that is a very weak part of this kit, it remains to be seen if this will work, I hope so.  


So the 1963 Chinese Air Force Watch says 1155 hours, which is a build elapse time of around 2 1/2 hours.  I'll now need to wait for the glue to harden and take it from there.



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Day 2 - Time seems to compress!


As it is /was a Sunday, I started slightly later and cheated last night by putting on the wings and filling so gaps.  So the start time by my sort of Luftwaffe Navigator (German for navigator is?)  B model Uhren watch is 10 am as the church bell also just chimed.




I sanded back the seams, the top seam is not a brilliant fit and I am not sure how it will stand up when painted.  I redid the fuel-tank detail and put in some fuel cap details.  These may well not show up when painted!  As the whole plane is silver finished, I have basically put it all together.  The undercarriage is a bit wonky and bit 'Airfixy', i.e the undercart lugs did not fit into the holes without considerable sanding.  The cannon fit might also be a bit wonky, but that is down to me in that instance.




So at 12:15 hours, it looked like this.  A bit of time to dry and then airbrushing under-coat and then Silver.  Time is tightening.

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Day Two Ends


I think it time to draw stumps early having go the single coat of silver on, I used Tamiya flat aluminium with some thinned silver/ grey mix.




So Day Two was about 4 hours in total.  Day three should me markings, assembly and finish!

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Start of Day 3 - Its like being the last person writing in an exam when everyone else has finished!


Other GB modellers have finished or have got the makings on already, I feel I am still on question 2 of a 3 hour exam.


So 9 ish am start (no time to write in 24 clock time) and a piggy smell from the nearby fields.  




After about 1 hour plus or so the markings are on:



Well most of them as life as we know is too short for stencils.  Airfix decals/ transfers are very good and bed down well with the Britmodeller Future and water mix.  


Next is to do the remaining bits and finish.

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End of Day 3 - Now Finished.


Its not over when you think its over.  Despite a mounting catalogue of little errors that taxed my normal PLACID temperament, I did manage to finish.




Thanks to the organisers for another quickfire Bank Holiday GB.

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