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AVI DH.80A Pussmoth : Southland Airways (NZ)

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I've built the simple but visually appealing  AVI DH Puss moth kit. With a bit of research and a couple of paintings in a book "Flying By Bradshaw"  I was able to reproduce Southland Airways Puss Moth ZK-ACX  from New Zealand in 1930s. Apparently the original is under a slow-rebuild to airworthiness at Manderville Aerodrome near Gore in Southland, NZ 

My only complaint about the build would be that the multi-piece cockpit glazing is prone to pipette effects and paint bleeds...It was a close call at one stage whether the model was going to be junked!


52032915304_2966c0734f_k.jpgUntitled by Harry Follas, on Flickr


52031622612_381d1480a4_k.jpgUntitled by Harry Follas, on Flickr


52032915364_e69971e504_k.jpgUntitled by Harry Follas, on Flickr

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The colour scheme is really attractive. Good thing you overcame the problems and didn’t junk this one.




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