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Fabric .30/7.62 ammo belt?

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Apparently the Brownings mounted on a Sho't Cal used fabric belts due to fears of jamming the turret mechanism. 

Anybody make these in 1/35?

Gaspatch do a WW1 set, but it doesn't look right.

Now I'm thinking of using a linked belt and painting it whitish. 

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In 1/35 you won't notice. The ejected empty belt could be a strip of masking tape. Some M1919 7.62 conversions still used the fabric belt while others were adapted to disintegrating metal link. But this sounds a bit odd. Yes you stop the links being ejected to the right but a fabric belt does nothing for the spent cases ejected from the bottom of the weapon. The spent cases are larger and sturdier than the links and far more likely to jam something. And being cylindrical they roll around or off.

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Keeping the fabric belt was a simpler conversion.  New barrel, essentially.  Changing the feed to disintegrating link required a redesigned feed pawl and link ejection system for the belt and IIRC a revised belt/link ejection port too.

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