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FINISHED Castrol Toyota Celica GT4 Monte Carlo '93


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18 hours ago, helios16v said:

Damn.....I might have to go looking for one of these.  :whistle:


Nice result.  :cheers:


I don't know what Tamiya's prices are like in the states, but you can get these new in the UK still for just under £20, which I think is a bargain :) 



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2 hours ago, HoolioPaulio said:

Excellent work, I deffo need to get my bench cleared and start mine now :)

Thank you :) 

You should, it's a great kit to build, even the decals aren't too bad :) 


Ian :) 

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Sorry, it is the first chance I've had to reply to your build, I managed to have a sneak peek the other day.... was meant to be doing work!


She turned out really lovely, well done! :thumbsup: I know a lot of people don't like the mass of lights on the front, but to me it makes her look even more awesome!


Hope you enjoyed the build, was great to have you along.

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6 hours ago, Paolo Tarantino said:

Bravo, complimenti !!


I just started to built the same kit..we will see...


Stay safe


Thank you

It's a great little kit that goes together really well, just take your time with the decals and I'm sure it will turn out nice :)



Ian :)

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