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Italeri 1/72 Short Stirling Mk.I


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Hi everyone, my entry will be Italeri model of this big bomber. Here are boxing and instruction pictures:








Looks fairly detailed, especially in the insides, a bit overdone panel lines and rivets but I can live with it. Maybe I will only try to downsize details on the fabric covered control surfaces.


I removed few parts from the sprues already:






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I will be interested to see how this compares with my old Airfix kit. The box art is rather dramatic, but I am surprised to see a flock of yellow nosed 109F (presumably by the early RAF marking style) attacking at night - artistic license I guess! I like the way the artist has shown the prop windmilling on the plane in the background with the Starboard inner on fire - good attention to detail.



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Here is some update on the Stirling. I am getting close to finish its interior which is a size of a 5 bedroom house, luckily since i am building early war machine it is almost all in one color except the turrets. Firstly I went with Gunze black surfacer followed by interior green. 








Detailed target map of Ruhr basin was done by my 7-year old daughter 😀.


Still have some interior details, and next step is gluing numerous windows and closing the fuselage. 





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