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FROG Ventura PV-1....

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WIP can be found here...



As I said, many days and nights I thought I would never be making this finished Ventura post, this was a real mojo test.

And as I also said, if you want an enjoyable, care free build as FROG would have wanted you to, build the Academy/Minicraft kit, they started with these unfinished molds.


Only aftermarket used were the Print-Scale decals. My own vac canopies, scratched cockpit and turret, I used original kit plastic whenever possible. Kit propellers reduced in chord and reshaped.


All surface detail removed and replaced with .005 pen lines. I followed technical drawings to replicate the wing panel lines but when I saw what was ahead for me with the fuselage I said "not happening.." Fuselage lines are totally fictitious, I was just trying to get the feel of the real thing.



Scratched together a Martin 250CE-13 turret with twin .50's. I used small plastic wire-ties for the twin ammo feeds. I'm glad I spent the time on the cockpit, I hadn't realized how much would be seen under the vac canopy. Brush painted canopy frames this time.










Would I do it again? Probably. I didn't realize the full scope of this build when I started, I usually don't let plastic win or get the better of me and this one almost got binned a couple of times but I'm pleased with this finished build.


Thanks all for struggling along with me. I think a nice little Me-163 with a parts count of 5 is in order for a little therapy.

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Looks excellent! I have one of these in my collection too; all built and painted at the back end of last year, mine was the Minicraft flavour. Nice work!👍😎


I'll wait a week or two before I show mine, respect and all that.😉

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Thanks all for your kind comments.

This is my best "sows ear/silk purse" I've tackled, I am glad I finished it and not binned it as I was tempted to do several times.....

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Allan…….your perseverance has paid handsome rewards.  Absolutely beautiful and even more so given the crude nature of the kit itself.  Bravo good sir!!!!!! :worthy:



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Brilliant job Allan. I think this is the first finished FROG Ventura i've seen.


I am one of the many who built the Academy kit. I can definitely see where some changes were made. I guess i should not be surprised that it takes some work to bring it up to contemporary standards.


I like the colours on the model and how you replicated the somewhat "fuzzy" application of the 4 tone paint scheme.


Thanks for posting!



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