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MB339 60th PAN Anniversary (1461) 1:72 Italeri via Wonderland Models


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MB339 60th PAN Anniversary (1461)

1:72 Italeri via Wonderland Models




The Italian Air Force Aerobatic team we know as Frecce Tricolori are the  Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale (PAN) of the 313th Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico of the Italian Air Force. They were founded in 1961 when it was decided to merge the teams already in existence.  They have flown the F-86 Sabre and the Fiat G.91 before transitioning to the two-seat fighter-trainer Aermacchi MB 339. 2021 was the 60th Anniversary of the team with tails of the Aircraft being painted in schemes to represent aircraft of Past Teams,  Cavallino Rampante, Getti Tonanti, Lanceri Neri, Tigre Bianche and Diavoli Rossi.



The Kit

This is a re-boxing of the original 1997 Supermodel MB339 kit.  For this boxing you get 3 of the kits and a decal sheet with 60th Anniversary markings. Here the kit is moulded in bright blue plastic so sun glasses maybe needed. Each kit arrives on two main sprues with a canopy as well.  Construction begins sorpresa with the cockpit. Both ejection seats are 3 parts which fit in along with the control columns and the instrument panels. All instruments on the main and side panels are provided as decals.  The completed cockpit can be paced in the fuselage and it can be closed up. 30g of nose weight is suggested to be added. 





Both wings can now be constructed and added top the fuselage along with the tail planes. Additional side aerials are added to the tail along with a pitot tube.  At the front the console separating the consoles is added along with the canopies. The main canopy has parts for it to be displayed open if wanted.  Moving underneath all the landing gear can be added along with the gear bay doors. The forward ventral airbrake is added along with the rear ventral strakes. Pylons and tanks can be added under the wings as needed. The Team normally fly with tanks under the inboard pylons with the out board pylons empty. The long range ferry tanks are provided in the kit as well for the outer pylons.  The last items to fit are the wing fences.





You can paint your kit in any scheme you want as long as its the Display scheme! Markings are included for all the team aircraft for the 60th Anv season, enough atripes etc are provided for three aircraft as its a triple boxing. the hard bit will be deciding which to use.






Decals are by Cartograf, which is a guarantee of good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas.




Its good to see this kit re-issued with the latest team markings. Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of






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