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The great 1/72 Air Cadet Glider build - No 2 complete - UK Air Cadets Grob Viking

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This is my completed build number 2 in this series of 1/72 Air Cadet glider builds, the Heritage Aviation resin kit of the Grob Viking. This is actually build number 4 in my glider collection.


Although being a “simple” resin build, much work was done to the cockpit area including using a small dremel to grind out the whole area to produce a more in scale look, modified cockpit seats, scratch built IP, seat cushions and belts. The supplied canopy was a challenge to achieve a conformal fit to the rest of the fuselage, so a copy was made in resin and extended slightly in length to produce a new buck, to vac form a new canopy


A small hole was drilled in the extreme front of the nose for the aero tow attachment point, and a similar under fuselage hole drilled for the winch launch attachment point.


Finish is overall Tamiya X-2 white, thinned with Mr levelling thinner. The Tamiya Acrylics thin superbly with the Lacquer based thinners. The orange areas were applied using MRP International Orange Lacquer paint, with the nose area up to the decal trim masked and airbrushed, along with the wing tips and tail area. The dayglow wing bands were masked out and MRP Dayglo Red applied.


Undercarriage wheels were hand painted in Tamiya tyre black.


All decals were from the kit, apart from the earlier mentioned nose and tail trim.


Small see through inspection panels were made by very shallow drilling the appropriate holes (two in the port tail fin and two under each wing), filled with grey paint and then some humbrol clear.


The WIP can be found here…..........


Completed Viking build pictures..............
























Close ups can be a bit cruel!














The actual internals are hard to photograph through the canopy, this is what they looked like early in the build:















The Viking can now join the Grob Astir, the Slingsby T21 and the Slingsby T31




And a final shot showing size comparison to a good old Spitfire!




Earlier builds can be seen here.....


Sedbergh T21



Slingsby T31



Grob Astir



Thanks for looking. Comments, questions etc welcome!



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3 hours ago, Wulfman said:

Lovely work, an interestingly different collection !




Thanks. There are more to come, but after a short break.


3 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

What a cracking build Terry.  The Glider looks wonderful in this scheme, looks great in the group photo too. Great work fella.




Thanks Chris!


2 hours ago, Courageous said:

Nice gaggle of gliders there Terry, good work.




Cheers Stuart. Back in the groove for a while!


1 hour ago, Riksbar said:

Happy memories of dodging trucks on the A1 on the approach at RAF Catterick. Nice job.


Thanks, sounds scary!



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16 hours ago, Cookenbacher said:

Well that's all elegance and class Terry.

I couldn't agree more! :clap:  :clap:


And the close up shots don't detract anything - quite the contrary, they show how neat of a job you did!  :worthy:



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5 hours ago, T-21 said:

Nice finish in a tricky scale. Very well done


Thank you, much appreciated!



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9 hours ago, Fritag said:

Elegant aircraft elegantly modelled Terry.  Stylish but tricky paint scheme captured with great panache.


Thanks again Steve. Although the paint scheme was a little challenging, one of my big achievements on this one was my first, and as we know what turned out to be somewhat iterative attempts at Vac forming, using the thermo former. I learned much from your Hawk thread on that particular activity!


6 hours ago, Winenut said:

Just looking at it you know that bird was built for the sky


Top job 


I know what you you mean, and I'm pleased to have captured that aspect.


1 hour ago, keefr22 said:

That's a little gem Terry, lovely job! Great (ongoing) w.i.p. thread too!




Thank you Keith. The multiple glider thread will appear quiet for a bit, as I'm doing some thinking work on how to create a Prefect from a Grunau Baby - subtle but challenging differences. I'm considering seeing what I can achieve using a bit of 3D tech but need to get my head around Fusion fully first.

All I've achieved so far is pulling in some plans into Fusion, that was the easy bit!


Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 18.11.48


I've spent very little time on that but hope to put that right over time. I'm currently considering building a Vehicle kit as my next WIP so I'm busy choosing a suitable subject. Last car kit I build was a Mini in 1/32 back in the 70's! Playing around with a 1/32 Chevrolet recently, for one of my granddaughters kind of kindled some further interest in building a car. I'm thinking 1/24 or 1/20 for now and having discovered Spotmodel.com I'm hooked!



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