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Eduard 1/48 F-4 N Bicentennial Phantom - VF-111 Sundowners

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I've finally finished this one after a brief hiatus of about a year while I moved flat and got my new work space set up. Possibly the most challenging kit I've built, and I had lots of fun trying to do the brass etch and resin justice. Some of it even made it to where it was supposed to be without pinging off the tweezers into the ether. I think it was worth it though, especially the details on the ejector seats. I messed up a couple of things. The angle of the main undercarriage is not right, because the Academy/Eduard kit has you assemble the bay walls from individual pieces and attach the main legs to these quite early in the build, so it's difficult to see how everything is supposed to line up. The decal for the "2293" ID number on the starboard side folded over itself and ended up looking a bit squashed, and I couldn't get the pin-wash for the panel lines to flow as well as I'd like - I think the varnish coat was a bit too thick for the engraved detail. Anyway, I imagine you'd like to see some pictures...













Half of a build thread here:


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18 minutes ago, Bertie Psmith said:

That looks good, but all those stencils! Well done just for the decaling!

Ha! I'd put that out of my mind, but yeah, it took about a fortnight to do them all, and my eyes weren't the same afterwards. The placement guide in the instructions isn't always clear on the exact positioning of them, but they're all readable, and I learned an awful lot about what they all mean on the real aircraft trying to work out where to put them.

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14 hours ago, Mynimal said:

Very beautiful plane in a fancy Camo. 

Which color you have used for the gray up side? 



Thanks Mynimal, I used Xtracrylix Light Gull Grey (XA1137) over white primer with dark preshading, then dirtied it up a bit with a MIG panel line wash.

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