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Doyusha Boeing 707 colours

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Does anyone have the English version of the instruction pamphlet that comes with the kit, please?


I am interested to know what colours they recommend.


Alternatively, if anyone knows the Tamiya equivalents that would be fine too.


Thank you.

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I have 2 Doyusha 707s,the Lufthansa/Luftwaffe versions.

One if them might have the english instructions.I will check that out and get back to you

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37 minutes ago, gigi said:

Thank you very much that would be great.


I found an english version instruction.


I have not many Tamyia paints,mostly I use Gunze paints or Testors.

The grey on the Boeings is usually in Testors "Voodoo Grey",used on wing boxes and wings.

Gunze Grey 315 is a pretty good match.

You may check some conversion charts to see if there is a Tamyia equivalent or something similar.

The inspar panels are a Corogard paint that differs between aircraft manufacturers.

For the Boeings,I have my own mix Tamyia metallic grey XF56 and grey XF66.


As the corogard paint also differs among the Boeing aircrafts,its a personal choice on how to paint or mix the colours.

Many airliner modellers have individual tastes and mixes for it.

Reference photos,esp. from 707s are also recommended, as those have lots of different wing patterns of bare metal and greys.






  I hope this is of help.



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Thank you very much Alex. Should have a good starting point now. I did check out some internet pictures but you never know what paint would match the colour. This way at least I have something to try and convert. Ultimately it's not rocket surgery and I'm not fussed if it doesn't match reality perfectly. I don't think I have ever seen one of these in the flesh so to me the model will be more real than the real thing.

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Corruguard is one of those colours that are very nebulous and difficult to pin down. Also, for many years, 707s didn't tend to feature corruguard areas at all. Try and obtain pictures of the actual aircraft you are intending to build in the colours and time period you want to depict.


At the end of the day, I just go for a grey type colour that seems to fit the images I've seen.

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Which one are you going to build? 10+01 pictures can be easily found on the internet


for example https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Boeing_707-307C,_Germany_-_Air_Force_AN0197158.jpg

and https://www.flickr.com/photos/steelhead2010/15916227255


my guess would be RAL 9010 (pure white) on the upper half and RAL 7001 on the lower half of the fuselage and "regular" or "civilian" or "boeing grey" wings.


Lufthansa should have used RAL 9010 upper half and natural metal lower half fuselage.



(sorry but I can't elaborate on "Boeing grey"s, that's for specialists)

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Hi Mate

If you are using Tamiya acrylic paints "Boeing Grey" is really easy to mix.

Take about half a pot of X2 Gloss White and add to it 2 or 3 drops of X1 Gloss Black - stir well and 'voila' you have "Boeing Grey"

Check the mixed colour against pictures - add a drop more black if it needs to be darker.



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