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Fokker De Spin 1/32 scratch + 3D print 

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Fokker De Spin 1/32 scratch + 3D print 
I've decided quite a while ago to build one of the most interesting pioneer aircraft (IMHO) - the Spider. It consists of rigging, rigging and even more rigging so it sounds like fun. I've started with the "fuselage". At the beginning I had designed the 3D  parts like skids and the frame but after I printed them it turned out they are just too fragile, so the brass was used instead. The radiators and the seat are 3D printed.
This is what I've managed to do. The spoke wheels have been made using the 3D-printed rim and wheels with wire spokes and the hub made of brass. They look slightly crude, especially when compared to the Steven Robson's spokes which are stellar but still I'm quite happy that I've learnt something new. 
I've designed the Argus engine and other bits like tail fin and the petrol tank in Blender and they were printed by my mate Przemek Żurek.


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Thanks for sharing your build. What a beautiful, crazy machine. Not sure I would have wanted a ride though! Its all a bit too see-through!



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