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RF-4E 501 Sqn Final Year Scheme


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Thank you all.


I have been applyimng the stencils and have done most of the fuselage, wings and am about to start on the underneath. I still have to fit a few that are required around that tailplane area. Luckily most of the kit stencils come in blocks rather than individual decals and I have found that there is a sequence between how they are on the decal sheet and where they are fitted on the aircraft. This makes life very much easier, but still time consuming. I have had to take a few stencils from some of the bigger decals that were not on the DXM sheet (or I can't find  them on that sheet) especially around the nose area. Only about 30 decals to go.







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I have fitted to decals to the fuel tanks. For some reason the one on the R/H tank decided not to play ball. One part of it would move freely whilst the other side stuck like muck to a blanket and when it did eventually move it tore. At the moment I have fitted the decal from the kit, but as you can see it is not a match for the DXM one. So I may have to bite the bullet and order a new sheet. I do know a place in the UK that sells them. I am also making the aircraft a bit on the grubby side as most photos that I have of this aircraft show it to be quite dirty.



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I have sprayed this with Matt varnish after making it a bit on the grubby side. There are a couple of clearer patches close to the fuselage roundel, which is where a badge was painted out which I did slightly in reverse in that I amde the clear patch by removing some of the grubbiness that I had added.







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That looks great. I have the same kit, albeit in the plainer service scheme, & the Vic Hobbies paints, seeing this has given me hope for mine come the day. Yours looks really striking in the final year scheme. :)


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Thank you both.


I have now got this one sitting on its own U/C. I have also applied a stain varnish to the purple shashs and the top of the tail. The replacement decals arrived today thanks to Royal Mail in an envelope that does say "Do Not Bend" on the front of it. With this I have started to repaint the fuel tank with the Hasegawa decal on it. I will hopefully start fitting the U/C doors and other parts during this week.











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Decal now added, but not without trouble. The first decal that I tried to fit did not want to move and so ended up destroyed. The second one sort of did the same and also broke, but I did manage to get it to move slightly and fit. It is not quite in the right place, but for the sake of not wantng to buy another sheet I will live with it. I do not know why the decal on this fuel tank has given me so much hassle as I have done everything that I normally do, plus when fitting it this time I even added a drop or 2 of washing up liquid. Still the trials and tribulations of modelling.





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A few more bits and bobs fitted. The observant amongst you will have noticed that there are only 3 flare housings at the rear of the inner pylons. I was cleaning up the missing one when it just went ping and disappeared without a sound or any hint of the direction that it took. Luckily I have a few more of these kits in the stash that do not require this part, so I will be borrowing this from them.







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All finished now. This has been a enjoyable build even with the strain of applying the stencils and the fuel tank decal foul up. I also really do like the colour scheme which is certainly different to anything that I normally build. The last 2 photos shows this build with part 1 of the 3 build project.























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Well done on completing her Jabba, she looks great!!! :thumbsup:


Th stencilling  on Phantoms is insane, DXM must have changed things with their 1/72nd range as 1/48th ones...... every stencil is an individual decal and their numbering/location system is diabolical! But for the cool JSDAF schemes they're the only way to go.


I hope you enjoyed the build, well done as she looks awesome.

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