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Revell's new Razor Crest from the Star Wars TV show 'The Mandalorian'. The kit is definitely a step up from some of Revell's previous Star Wars releases, featuring some excellent detailing and a full interior. It's also nice that they've made it in a standard modelling scale rather than some random one as many of their earlier SW kits were. The only significant downside with the kit is the poor surface texturing across many of the parts, including some quite visible tooling marks in places. Much of that can be removed with a sanding stick and a little effort, but I'd have prefered it not to be there in the first place. Despite that, the kit builds up well and has excellent fit for the most part. A few areas can benefit from a little extra detailing and enhancement, but the end result is an accurate and fairy imposing replica of the Crest, especially if you can stand it next to it's natural stablemate - Slave 1.


The full build can be found here




















     Thanks for looking



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You really have a way of nailing the look and feel of ships (and droids) in the Star Wars universe. Those steaks down the sides of the engine are just ~chef's kiss~ wonderful. Bravo Andy.



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amazing build I love it but I have always been a sucker for Star Wars 

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On 11/05/2022 at 02:47, Yg Models said:

nice razor crest,

how big is 1/72?



The Revell kit is approximately 33.5cm long and 12cm high.


Your Bandai version looks great.



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Posted (edited)
28 minutes ago, Andy Moore said:

Revell kit is approximately 33.5cm long



my bandai ver only 1/3 length of yours, maybe 1/200 scale?

but it doesn't have landing gear, clear parts for cockpit or open cargobay.


price for this mini series by bandai is quite low.

this one just 1800 yen, you could try it.😘


following korean blogs full review, take a looks.




i use miniatures/AFV techniques to paint my razor crest.

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As always an exceptionally good job and that any intelligent modeller should have as a reference. However, I consider that in the engine nozzles you have made a use of blue that does not favor them, let me be honest on this point as well.



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