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2 New Canberra Books

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Hi All 

Canberra book(s) release dates. Fonthill have now announced dates for the 2-volume Canberra set by Ken Delve and John Sheehan, and their website https://www.fonthill.media/collections/aircraft even has a pre-order deal!

Volume 1 deals with the RAF's use of the Canberra from the Bomber Wings of Bomber Command from 1951, through interdictors in Germany, Middle East and Far East, the global PR presence - right up to 2006 (!), and the many and varied support roles in EW, target towing, etc.

Volume 2 covers the overseas users, including the B-57, plus the Operational Conversion Unit, trials use, displays, preserved aircraft, a full production list with histories, and more.

The reason it is 2 volumes is that the whole package is around 380,000 words and 800+ photos, so a single volume would have been tricky!

Watch out for details of launch events where you can buy the book(s), get them signed, view Canberra displays, and hear 'Canberra chats'.




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46 minutes ago, Ptmvarsityfan said:

Well impressed with Vol 1, have now pre- ordered Vol 2! Good discount from Foothill Media too!

Cheers, Paul

Hi Paul,

Really glad you enjoyed it! We've just finished our last check through of Vol.2 and it's now back with the publisher, it should be winging it's way to the book shelf soon(ish) 


We are planning two book signings in September in Doncaster and the other at Mahram.



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Ordered today and got a further 10% off, so ordered another title.


free bump🤫

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