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2 New Canberra Books

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Hi All 

Canberra book(s) release dates. Fonthill have now announced dates for the 2-volume Canberra set by Ken Delve and John Sheehan, and their website https://www.fonthill.media/collections/aircraft even has a pre-order deal!

Volume 1 deals with the RAF's use of the Canberra from the Bomber Wings of Bomber Command from 1951, through interdictors in Germany, Middle East and Far East, the global PR presence - right up to 2006 (!), and the many and varied support roles in EW, target towing, etc.

Volume 2 covers the overseas users, including the B-57, plus the Operational Conversion Unit, trials use, displays, preserved aircraft, a full production list with histories, and more.

The reason it is 2 volumes is that the whole package is around 380,000 words and 800+ photos, so a single volume would have been tricky!

Watch out for details of launch events where you can buy the book(s), get them signed, view Canberra displays, and hear 'Canberra chats'.




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