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Well here goes. We were all given Revell 1/72 Tornado's by Owen from our local shop for a sort of a club competiton (IPMS West Suffolk), thanks again Owen if you're reading this.

Four weeks ago we started & at that time I had received a DXM decal sheet for one of the Ukrainian Su-27's as I was planning on building that.

I looked at the model during the club meet & I thought there & then that I knew how I was going to apporach this, the Su-27 can wait! Simple really, stick with an idea & go with it! Never done a what if before, maybe this starts a whole new genre as in "If Only", maybe there should be a new SIG!


Shortly after the retirement of the Tornado in RAF service on the 1st April 2019, the Ukraine government had placed a top secret order for a number of airframes. Coinciding with the election of Zelensky into power April 2019, these airframes were secretly shipped to Western Ukraine then reassembled & given modifications to extend their airframe lives by an extra ten years. Their presence in the Ukraine Air Force came to light after strikes against Russia & the discovery of Putin’s secret bunker.

It's not currently known at this time if RAF or Ukraine pilots carried out the removal of Putin.....

Yes, more of an if only rather than a whif. I posted this on Flickr & got a fave from Zelensky's press photographer from Zelensky's Flickr photostream. Can only imagine that the great man himself was shown this!

Набір Revell 1/72. А якщо схема. Невдовзі після того, як 1 квітня 2019 року «Торнадо» було вилучено зі складу RAF, український уряд зробив надсекретне замовлення на низку літаків. Збігаючи з обранням Зеленського до влади в квітні 2019 року, ці планери таємно відправили на Західну Україну, а потім знову зібрали та модифікували, щоб продовжити термін служби планера ще на десять років. Про їхню присутність у ВПС України стало відомо після ударів по Росії та відкриття секретного бункеру Путіна.

Наразі невідомо, чи відсторонення Путіна здійснили російські льотчики чи українські льотчики.


That's the basic alternate history keep it short & concise.


Panavia Торнадо Ukraine Air Force 39th T.A.B Ozerne

Revell 1/72 kit

Vallejo Model Color; 70.844 - 70.961 - Ammo Mig 205 & 229

Vallejo Metal Color's.

Trusty Swann Morton 10A blade & Tamiya 18mm tape.






























Tried to use as much from the kit decal wise, simply used the 9.Sqn decals for aesthetic reasons more than anything as i thought the green & yellow would complement the blue scheme. The Ukrainian markings come from a Begemot MiG-29 sheet.

The digital markings are vaguely similar to those on the Ukrainian Su-27 referring to the DXM decals as a rough guide.

Tempted now to do a low vis digital grey Ukrainian MiG-29 scheme which would be more appropriate! 🤣 I am that mad by the way!


Anyhoos, thanks for looking got to try & finish my Czech MiG-21UB for the groupbuild!





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7 minutes ago, janneman36 said:

Very nice and something  completely different…It came to my ears that even one was used over the Black Sea with big effect…🛥🇷🇺…..

Love your build and story👍👍👍

Love that! Can picture a couple of these, 100ft, at mach 1.8 heading towards those b*st**d 🇷🇺🚢 ships, even though that was more of a Buccaneer thing! Oh no, now I'm imagining Buccaneers in Ukrainian markings! 🤣

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Amazing work, an interesting what-if, it's making me think what would a Tornado in a digital RAF scheme have looked like!



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13 minutes ago, Tiger331 said:

Great storyline........great model.........inspired WHIF. 


Well Done Sir !


Slava Ukraini !

Thank you!



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2 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

Looks awesome and great what if too. Cracking way to show support to the brave people of Ukraine.  


Many thanks Chris. Will always feel slightly inadequate that I can never do enough to show or contribute support. Painful seeing the reports on the Facebook Ukraine UA page, also even more painful when one is a big fan of their music & culture. One thing I was honoured to get a "like" from Zelensky's Flickr photostream. Something he or his press photographer doesn't do very often. 





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10 hours ago, mike c said:

Brilliant idea, would like to see a F-15E in this scheme.

Don't tempt me! I've got a couple in the stash! I'm sure Zelensky would love that as he can see my photostream on Flickr! 🤩🇬🇧❤️🇺🇦

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Not only a fine model, but a great idea for a groupbuild...Ukraine any subject 😉👍


('Ukraine' is a verb, didn't you know already 😂

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