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Bristol Beaufighter TF.X Revell boxing.

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Good Afternoon Gents,


Decided for my next build I will drag this model from the stash, Made in my youth and I think the Torpedo survives in the spares box still! Of course I hung everything underneath it for max building Pleasure.


Here are a few pics of the opening Ceremony


I certainly don't remember the moving Ailerons and most defo did not get Seat Belt decals in the original kit. Kit bought in Toy Town according to the label....I'll never grow up!! Looking at the nett shops are asking for £17.00 Sweet lord!! Defo not worth that.


After the pics were taken I ended up gluing the Fuselage together and sticking the Tail planes on as well. Wings were glued  together, It is a pretty Spartan kit for detail!








All the best.

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The Matchbox Beaufighter always looks the business once built, this should be another cracker. We’ll look forward to your progress. 

Cheers and best of luck.. Dave 

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Evening folks,


This is it so far


Been away with work and had the booster jab so was not feeling the Mae West but back in action now


Brute of an Aeroplane really. Had some paint pull away again but patched that up. Gloss coat is one too. Decals Next. Yay!












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Hi George

My apologies for not having congratulated you on completing your Beaufighter,  it looks the business :yahoo:

Cheers Pat

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