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Norden Bombsight Early & Late (3DF48002 & 3DF32002) 1:48 & 1:32

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Norden Bombsight Early & Late (3DF48002 & 3DF32002)

1:48 & 1:32 3DF via Hobby Colour




During WWII many Allied bombers used the Norden Bombsight to guide their free-fall bombs onto target, using a mechanical computer to stabilise the view and estimate the likely landing point for their munitions.  They weren’t as accurate as modern weapons however, and crucially relied entirely on the bombardier having a clear line-of-sight to the target, and at low altitude they weren’t at all useful, often being replaced by more simplistic sighting mechanisms in the field.  Later variants were improved and used a larger mount in order to increase accuracy further.


The sets utilise the latest 3D Printers that use SLA processes to create highly detailed resin parts from UV-curing liquid resin.  The finesse of SLA printing has improved immensely of late, and this has led to companies creating 3D printed parts that are ready for market without any further preparation, which saves time and gives the modeller the sharpest replica possible, which thanks to the method used in printing means that the part count is reduced without affecting the detail.  Each of these sets arrives in a compact cardboard box with a push-through tray, with the parts cocooned in bubble-wrap inside, and further padded by the folded instructions within.



1:48 (3DF48002)





1:32 (3DF32002)





Each set is identical in parts count, although the 1:32 is of course 1.5x the size of the smaller 1:48 scale set.  That difference aside however, they build in exactly the same manner.  The early sight has the stabilising mechanism fixed to a narrow mount, with the aiming ‘football’ and the adjustment mechanism slotting into the stabiliser via a peg.  The later sight has a larger rectangular mount for the stabiliser, and an additional part that attaches to the right side of the football section over the adjustment wheels.  Each set allows the modeller to make two of either type or a mixture of early and late, using the requisite parts from the printing base.  There aren’t many supports to cut away, and their contact points are very small, making removal easy for the modeller.




Beautiful detail as we’ve come to expect from 3DF, whose motto is “Precision to Perfection”.  Choose your scale and type, then get the nippers and sanding sticks at the ready!


Very highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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