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Mitsubishi G4M1 Type 1 Mk.11. "Betty" and Ohka Mk.11

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Made a bit more progress




As you can see wrong colour green for the canopy, so it will act as a primer until I find the right one !


Cheers Pat 

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Posted (edited)

Hi Pat,


 "until I find the right one !"


As I mentioned elsewhere the old White Ensign Colourcoats Mitsubishi Navy Green was quite light-

planes 009

- Raiden/Jack on the right - note the slight bluish tinge - but I suspect this would be better in a slightly darker green. My old kit is done in the Humbrol Authentic HJ1 like this old Jake


30 years of pipe smoke and general ageing have taken their toll but after a quick wash and whilst still wet you can just about see the original colour above the port wing - a dark, slightly bluish green. The Humbrol colour charts say the replacement equivalent is supposedly Hu 149 though I have never tried it. Looking at the old tin I have it seems a bit lighter but might do if you do not fancy buying any specific "IJN Green" from another manufacturer - probably darken up a bit anyway when varnished - the pics in my Judy build show what Gunze think it should be! Alternatives might be Hu91/116/195, none of which I currently have so I cannot check. No idea about Revell - perhaps they have something?




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I bought a masking set for this kit, only to find with the exception of the canopy nothing else fits, so it's back to old school masking




Cheers Pat

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Ah that's a bummer Pat, I reckon the mask set was probably for the newer-tooled Hasegawa kit of the later version of the Betty.


Still, you seem to be on top of things B) 





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