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Godwin Brunowski's Austro-Hungarian Albatros OEFFAG - 1/72 Roden

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Had fun building the somewhat fiddly 1/72nd scale Roden Albatros kit (several of them are currently under construction in Mein Albatroswerke!)as the License Built OEFFAG that Brunowski, A-H Lead Ace, flew.   The unique KuK camouflage was done freehand watching an evening of Television.    Give me a Sunny Day and VOILA! the Dual Monarchy Again Takes to the Skies!


BTW, just finished the book "The Fortress" by Alexander Watson - dealing with the siege of Przemysl and the "Bloodlands" of Eastern Europe.   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Austria-Hungary's Polish province Galicia regional capital, Lviv, is now Ukraine....but Przemysl is in modern Poland - and in fact is now a major Refugee Center.     The Borders in that area are very Fungible.....

















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