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Turning Japanese Gallery - Civilian/Manga/Anima/SciFi 民間人/マンガ/アニマ/サイエンスフィクション

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Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry.

Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread.

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First! :lol:


Not surprising though, with such an easy kit. This is my 1/12 Hasegawa Udon & Soba noodles vending machine. Painted with ModelMaster, Revell and Vallejo.




With a 50 yen coin to give an idea of the size:




I do need to work on my food painting skills, but I think it looks better than the provided stickers.






Thanks for looking. My next build will be something more serious.



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Here is my Deep Sea Submersible, the Shinkai 6500 (which basically seems to translate as "Max Depth 6500". 




This is a nice and very simple kit from Hasegawa in 1/72. It's essentially a snap-tite kit, very well engineered for that, and this is one of the first models in decades I have not actually painted (aside from the smaller details). It was very enjoyable to do something so simple.


Background is courtesy of my seven year old daughter.






Wikipedia has this to say about it:



The Shinkai 6500 (しんかい) is a crewed research submersible that can dive up to a depth of 6,500 metres (21,300 ft). It was completed in 1990 and had the greatest depth range of any crewed research vehicle in the world until June 19, 2012, when its record was beaten by Jiaolong, which dived at 6,965 metres (22,851 ft).[1] The Shinkai 6500 is owned and run by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and it is launched from the support vessel Yokosuka.

Two pilots and one researcher operate within a 73.5 mm-thick (2.89 in) titanium pressure hull with an internal diameter of 2.0 metres (6 ft 7 in). Buoyancy is provided by syntactic foam.



JAMSTEC which owns and operates the Shinkai 6500 has a nice website with a little info, including this copyright free interior schematic:






Last of all here it is with two stablemates - on the left, the 1/48 Voyager II from the same Hasegawa science kit series and on the right a Japanese asteroid probe the Hayabusa. Behind it is a display model of the Chinese lunar rover Jade rabbit (Yutu) which someone gave me in Beijing.




Thanks for looking!


Build thread:


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Time for my first gallery post of this group build.


I'm a big Honda fan, I've owned four cars and two motorbikes by the manufacturer.  I love the company's back story that it didn't allow a lack of experience to stop it from entering and ultimately winning Grand Prix events on four and two wheels.  The Honda RC166 is a six-cylinder, 250cc racing bike that allowed Mike Hailwood to take two motorcycle world championships in 1966 and '67.


This kit by Tamiya is the first ever motorcycle I've built, I deliberately chose it as a challenging build compared to the Tamiya Honda CB750F that I also have in my stash.  It is quite an intricate, challenging build but it makes up into a lovely model right out of the box (which is what this build is).












As I was building this kit, particularly the wheels, I said "never again" but now it's done I'd love to have another go at one of these.  It would be nice to add some of the detail parts and also to replace a few other parts with finer scratched details.  With that sort of build I'd probably display the bile with the fairing off as the engine builds up into a little jewel that deserves to not be hidden.


If you haven't seen it, the build thread is here:


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Finally managed to get some more photos of the Toyota Celica GT4 Monte Carlo car driven to victory by Didier Auriol and Bernard Occelli as co driver.

Body was painted in Tamiya LP2 white and detail painting with various Tamiya acrylics. It's been a real MOJO booster after the fiddly, smaller scale cars in the Matchbox GB.

I was dreading the Castrol stripes as I built the Corolla a couple of years ago and they fought me all the way, but these were quite compliant with miccrosol/set applied, only real hardship was around the bonnet openings. 

Thanks to all for their comments and help along the way and I'll carry on viewing the GB builds even though I've finished with mine :) 

DSCF2607 DSCF2606 DSCF2610 DSCF2595 DSCF2592


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This is Aoshima's 1/32 HINO HH Tractor unit. I have to say, this is a really good kit, one of the best truck kits I've built so far. 


Build log is here: 


Paint is Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black for the chassis and other major parts, Tamiya X-8 Lemon Yellow for the cab. Interior is Tamiya's Flat Brown. All chrome is Greenstuffworld, either sprayed or brushed. I made my own license plates using my Silhouette cutter, it's a little bit unaccurate in this scale but it's fine with me, it looks like a Dutch plate. No weathering as this is a very recent addition to the Van Dordt fleet. 






Looks like the boys in the shop will have to do something about that yellow hose though, it has lost some of its springiness 🙂 







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Here we go, some pretty pictures of my build of Tamiya's Toyota Celsior.  It's mostly out-of-the-box but I had some chrome Lexus badges and thought it would be fun to use these as the car is basically the same as the Lexus LS400.  I also used some self-adhesive felt for the carpet, which I'll probably use more of in future car builds.  The paint is a mix of Tamiya acrylic as per the kit instructions, it's a two-tone with very dark metallic green on top and a slightly lighter green below.  I used some decals to make the number plates, the characters are from a 1:35 scale set but they seem to fit the Japanese outline plates better than 1:24 scale letters.


As you'd expect of a Tamiya kit, it goes together really well, with no fit issues or poor moulding.  It was a great mojo restorer after some kits that put up a bit of a fight.












Build thread here if you've missed it.


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My Honda RA272 build is complete too.  This is a 1:24 scale kit by Hasegawa rather than the possibly more familiar 1:20 scale Tamiya version of the same car.  It's a fairly straightforward kit, which is probably why it didn't take me long to build.  The engine is pretty basic, but I'm sure it could be detailed up by someone with the necessary skills, I took the easy way out and glued the engine cover in place.  I did add some representation of the brake lines and coolant pipes because these are quite noticeable in pictures of the real car.





This shows off the brake lines quite well and also the wire mesh I added inside the nose.





This shows the silver pipes that run along the right side of the cockpit.



Nothing terribly exciting underneath.


You can see the build thread here:


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Hasegawa Egg-15J Eggressor










A fun wee project slightly complicated by additional cockpit detail, drop tanks, modified missiles, and a fake aggressor paint job. All enjoyable though.

Got to say thanks to @trickyrich and @helios16v for the GB along with @Enzo Matrix for global moderation, @Hockeyboy76 for championing the Egg Planes as a great way to remind us how fun this hobby can be, and everyone who took the time to look in and comment on this one as it progressed.

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Something else a little different

Aoshima Star Kebab Move Terrace


Open for business


Open for business




Open for business



Open for business


Open for business



This was a really enjoyable build. The kit fits together reasonably well and the decals mostly went on without any issues


WIP here with a few more pics

Thanks to @trickyrich and @helios16v for allowing me to indulge myself with something quirky.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII WRC

2002 Monte Carlo Rally


This is the 1/32 Hornby kit, built OOB.

The body colour is a Revell enamel paint, with top coats of Klear to give a gloss finish.

The build thread is here, if you would like to see more.











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Another one completed, this time the VW Egg Girls van











This is a nice kit, which goes together well although the decals need care to get the placement correct

It's colourful which is what caought my eye (nothing at all to do with half-naked Egg Plane girls frolicking on a beach)


Build thread here

Thanks again to @trickyrich and @helios16v for the GB

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Macross YF-19


Model: Hasegawa 1/48th YF-19 Macross Plus

Paint:  AK Interactive Real Color, and MRP, Tamiya Acrylics, Model Master Metalizer Lacquer 











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Honda RA272 (F1 1965) Tamiya 1/20 x2

Car #11 Richie Ginther

Car #12 Ronnie Bucknam

Just about made it. Still a few details left to add and bits to tidy up, but completed enough for some gallery pics.












Build thread is a bit behind (will be updated soon):


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