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Turning Japanese Gallery - Military 軍隊

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This is the old Fujimi 1/72 Yokosuka D4Y2 Suisei aka Judy.

A nice simple build of an aircraft designed to replace the D3A Val dive bomber on IJN carriers. Smaller and faster than the Val its entry into service was delayed due to structural problems and the first few were completed as recce D4Y1-C  just in time to go down with their carrier at Midway. This is the improved D4Y2 with the structural problems fixed and a slightly more powerful engine. It seems to have been a competent enough design but by the time it arrived it was too slow to evade the new generation of USN fighters, and the loss of the 4 carriers at Midway meant that it did not become as well known as its predecessor.

Here is a link to the build thread.


DSC06515-crop DSC06517-crop DSC06519-crop

 Problems with the development and manufacture of the Aichi built copy of the Daimler Benz DB601 engine meant that it was replaced in production by the radial engined D4Y3 which Fujimi also kitted, together with the rather useless nightfighter version with a single upwards firing 20mm cannon in the rear cockpit.



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Nakajima A6M2-N Type 2 (Rufe)

11th Air Flotilla (Embarked on Seaplane Tender Kamikawa Mark)

Shortland Island Seaplane Base, Solomon Islands. Sept-Nov 1942.


1/48 Tamiya + etch IP and resin seat.


Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe


Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe


Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe

An old kit from the 1970’s but a really enjoyable build. WIP cane be found here.



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This is my attempt at the RS Models 1/72 kit of the Kawasaki Ki-100-1b in the markings of the 244th Sentai. Not the easiest of builds as explained in the build thread - link below.

The Ki-100 was an improvisation when a lot of late model Ki-61 were left standing around due to the shortage of their Inline DB601A clone engines, and Kawasaki made a quick and effective conversion to a much larger diameter radial engine - here is a comparison.


And here is the Ki-100 I have built.

DSC06643-crop DSC06645-crop DSC06647-crop

 The end product was one of the best JAAF fighters of the war, though a little slower than the Ki-84 when the latter's engine delivered its rated performance.



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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 "Rex"


Pretty much OOB, Model Master, Tamiya, AK interactive, and Alclad !! paints. Kit decals.






The build thread you can find here:

Thanks for stopping by and having a gander.


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Here also is my recently completed Kawasaki T-4 jet trainer. This is a neat and easy to build 1/72 kit from Hasegawa. It also comes in a boxing with markings for the Blue Impulse aerobatics team. 




This cool plane has been the JASDF's jet trainer since the 80s - first flew in 85 and first entered service in 88. Over 200 were built. 




The unit is the 302nd squadron based at Misawa air base, located at the northern end of Japan's main island. It has the awesome red and blue eagle on the tail, which was why I chose it. 


Apart from the T-4, this unit flies the F-35 and is one of the squadrons tasked with the air defence of Tokyo. Before the F-35s came into service three years ago, the 302nd's fighter jet was the F-4EJkai. 






I went a bit hard with the Mr Mark Softer on that red marking on the nose there...




If I were to build it again, I'd use paint instead of decals on the orange wingtips and tailplane tips. 


Thanks for looking!


Build thread:



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This is my build of the Kokusai Ta-Go by Brengun in 1/144

It's a resin kit of an unusual little aircraft.

It was a prototype designed near the end of the war for use as a kamikaze plane.

It was mainly constructed from wood and fabric, powered by a Hitachi radial engine, and carried a single bomb which couldn't be released. 


Here are the pics











Link to the build thread

Thanks for looking

Thanks also to @trickyrich and @helios16v for hosting



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F1M2 Type Zero

Observation Seaplane (Pete)


My second offering Hasagawa's F1M2 Seaplane "Pete"

OOB with Tamiya, AlcladII, AK Interactive paints and kit decals







Thanks for stopping by and having a look. You can find the WIP here:



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One of the more unusual JAAF fighters was the Kawasaki Ki-61 which was powered by a licence built copy of the German DB 601 inline engine. There were reliability problems with the engine which some sources suggest was at least in part due to difficulties in machining the tight tolerances on the crankshaft - which was much longer than the one on the more usual radial engines. Certainly, skilled machinists being drafted into the armed forces instead of being classed as a "reserved occupation" as in the UK and elsewhere would not have helped, and neither did the USAF bombing raids late in the war. As a consequence, by late 1944 production of the inline engine had virtually ceased and large numbers of Ki-61 airframes were sitting around waiting for engines so Kawasaki were instructed to fit a readily available radial engine. Although it was considerably wider they did a neat job and within a few weeks the Ki-100-1a entered service. Its performance was about the same as the Ki-61 though the new engine was far more reliable, and some consider it to be the best JAAF fighter of WWII - others prefer the Ki-84. Once the stock of airframes had been used up, a new version the Ki-100-1b was introduced with a cut down rear fuselage, and I have already built one of those. This build is a spare 1b kit modified back to 1a standards and is in the markings of what was the Akeno Combat Training Division which later became the 111th Sentai and was used in the defence of the Japanese homeland.


Here is a link to the build.

And here are some pics.

DSC06802-crop DSC06800-crop DSC06804-crop


I have enjoyed this GB - hope you have too!



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Kawasaki Ki-61-1-Ko Hien, Allied reporting name Tony, serial no.263.  68th Sentai, Tulavi airfield, Cape Gloucester September 1943.  Aircraft attributed to Captain Shogo Takeuchi, leader of the 2nd Chutai, an ace credited with up to 46 victories.  This aircraft was captured mostly intact in December 1943, shipped the the States and restored to flying condition for evaluation.


1/72 Hasegawa kit with decals from Rising Decals set 72049 “Emperor’s Eagles Part V”













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Airfix Chi-Ha Type 97 Medium Tank. A 1:76 kit that was in the stash for a while. Built OOB and brush painted with Tamiya Dark Yellow, Xtracrylix British Khaki and Lifecolour French Brown. Assembled fine and good fit but I had challenges with one of the tracks which was badly bent and also broke. Quite diminutive but looks nice. 













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Nakajima Ki-43-II Army Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa, Allied reporting name “Oscar” flown by Capt. Yasuhiko Kuroe, acting CO 64th Sentai, Toungoo Burma, March 1943.  Hasegawa 1/72 kit built OOB with decals from kit plus Berna sheet BD72-117 Oscar PT II.











Thanks for looking.



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This is my entry for this GB. It is a RF-4E from 501 Sqn in their "Final Year" scheme from 2020. I used the Hasegawa kit with DXM decals and the build thread is here:- 












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Here is my small entry. I've used Golden Fluid Acrylics craft paints only and out-of-the-box Airfix Zeke. I did different color scheme than Airfix suggests to try to replicate the original.


Most of my work was to replicate the colors, the build was just for fun.


Here is the full build progress and some more details:







Here is the original photo:


And how my version looks with some weathering


Edited by Casey
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Here's my T-2 of the JASDF Air Proving Wing, finished a while ago but only photographed today.




The Air Proving Wing was basically a test unit for the JASDF to test new planes and new missiles and systems. These days it's called the Air Development and Test Wing.




This is the old, old, old Hasegawa kit in 1/72. It comes in several boxings - this one contains this aircraft, two aggressor options, and a straight-up trainer version. Other boxings include the Blue Impulse aerobatic team, and the F-1 single-seat attack version.


Despite its age, simplicity and raised panel lines, it's an easy build and fits well. I replaced the pilot figure with an old Matchbox one I had lying around.




I should have made those orange sections more like a red colour. The other T-2 build of the same aircraft in this GB, from the much newer Platz kit, has the colour better than I did. The tailplanes took nearly as long as the rest of the model with all the finicky masking and the white and orange each requiring multiple coats.




in common with recent boxings of older kits, the decal sheet is pretty sparse compared to newer Hasegawa kits. That said, pictures seem to indicate that this aircraft wasn't drowning in stencils like some other JASDF planes.




The Air Proving Wing and its successor flew the T-4 and F-104 as well, though these two are not in its markings. The T-4 I did for this GB and the F-104 is a Hokkaido-based unit I did for the Interceptors GB last year (or 2020 perhaps). I just thought they looked cool together.


It's a fun kit - I got it for less than ten bucks new from a Japanese website. I can recommend it as an easy fun build and a slightly out-of-the ordinary subject. Thanks for looking!


Build thread:




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Here's mine, Sword's U-125A JASDF in 40th Anniversary Scheme. The build thread is here but to recap:


Kit: Sword U-125A kit number 72127 

Scale: 1/72

Build: OOB (5g weight in nose)

Paints: Tamiya Acrylics, Klear, panel line wash, Satin varnish

Decals: From the kit


52233996119_a43e233a3d_b.jpgSword_U125A_JASDF_3_0722 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


52233729178_0b6ff07885_b.jpgSword_U125A_JASDF_4_0722 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


52233722896_fba8773830_b.jpgSword_U125A_JASDF_6_0722 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


52234201915_48126f33d6_b.jpgSword_U125A_JASDF_7_0722 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


52233729448_55dd37cae2_b.jpgSword_U125A_JASDF_2_0722 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


Thanks to @trickyrich and @helios16v for leading the Group Build.

All the best, take care and happy modelling.


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