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Revell 1/144 F-14 Tomcat VX-4 'Vandy One'

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My newly completed F-14 Tomcat VX-4 'Vandy One'. The kit is Revell 1/144 scale and the model is brush painted with acrylics. It was a very nice kit, original Revell moulds that went together easily and a very detailed set of decals that really brings it to life, which you don't always get with 1/144 scale. The hardest part was painting the black plastic white for the undercarriage and missiles, I lost count of the number of coats I painted. I've also incuded a picture with the Revell 1/144 MiG-31 as a fun size comparison. Thank you for looking! :)


277456609_373447181335776_289206774793660426_n 277314830_680322343214194_2773505643863367164_n 277358572_1343155626206014_5732217590860644751_n 277943523_460273359228860_5554398246405570338_n 277542732_1059852177896117_3022433573574822843_n 277889831_674166247134703_1433759312854755680_n 277685622_1154785905092105_1205936500821889174_n 277549620_554422829268374_4879203107659321854_n
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