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On 30/07/2022 at 22:51, Dazzio said:


....  I guess you *could* paint over the top of it, but that runs the risk of losing all of the details.


Oven cleaner (Mr Muscle), Dettol, Dot3 brake fluid and heard great things about "Simple Green" for paint removal from my wargaming buddies....

Thank you Dazz!

I was thinking about the same options, but currently - i think - I would tend to just paint over the existing layer as this kit does not have tooooo much fine detail to loose.


Btw. there is a live action Evangelion commercial for the Oppo Ace2 that offers some inspiration, how a weathered version of Eva-01 could look like.

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2 hours ago, Maximilian said:

Give me EVA-0 unpainted, please. 


And Pen-Pen. 

I´ll take two!


Pen-Pen at 47 cm would be close to 1:1 Scale. Nice ideal! But unlikely that this will ever happen😉

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