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Delahaye 135 Chapron 1938, 1:24 Heller kit

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It took me 2 years, give or take 4 days, with many interruptions along the way, to assemble this very difficult Heller kit.
Everyone here and elsewhere who assembled it has experienced mishaps, disappointments, and probably some anger too, and has solved or tried to solve, each in his own way, the major problems of body parts adjustment, especially the bonnet.


2 kits were needed to make one, because of broken or damaged parts during assembly, as usual.


This kit includes 160 parts, I replaced some of them, and added probably as many, both scratchbuilt from various metals, plastics, fabrics, UV resin, and modelled with Fusion 360 and 3D printed with an Elegoo Mars Pro.

The windows were shown open, the bonnet was articulated in 4 parts with 3 functional hinges, the bonnet retainers when open, as well as the bonnet latches to close it were added, and the engine compartment was highly detailed.
The spoked wheels themselves are 3D printed.

I tried to take the utmost care in making the smallest exterior details, the ones that make the model look bad when they are roughly made or not added, but that bring the model to life when they are right (I'm thinking in particular of the front and rear lights, the side indicators, the bonnet clips, the exhaust line that has been redone in aluminium tube).


I was greatly helped by the abundance of documentation that can be found on the Internet, sometimes by searching a bit for precise details... and even more by the appreciations, advices and encouragements of all my followers.
May they be warmly thanked here.


And now, a flurry of photos, some outside in day light and others in my spray booth with additional lights:


51992772524_1162baa5c8_b.jpg 51992494386_2d054b6595_b.jpg


51992772669_2f6a507df9_b.jpg 51992772654_99d4f32577_b.jpg


51991495157_62ae22e093_b.jpg 51992554073_20506eb6de_b.jpg




51993044010_e6464b81ec_b.jpg 51992772629_fe0d113f1f_b.jpg


51992494471_df9c030338_b.jpg 51992494326_c65f36229f_b.jpg


51992554098_eaa9c0c231_b.jpg 51992553868_39396268ff_b.jpg


51992554083_ccf816a8cb_b.jpg 51992494221_fb6e67efd8_b.jpg


51992494486_01523b45b5_b.jpg 51991495057_5c6e3f1ce6_b.jpg


51992554063_fd44e3f26c_b.jpg 51992772414_18b98186fb_b.jpg








51992553913_270fdbea97_b.jpg 51991495137_0cf18d503a_b.jpg




You can see more following my thread in WIP section:



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I'd have to say that that's pretty much an exquisite result, especially given how badly the kit seemed to go together. Definitely worth putting in that plastic box to keep the dust off.


Speaking of the dust, what I tend to use for mine pre-photo session is a camera anti-static brush which, while not fully getting rid of the dust which seems to have a habit of reappearing between each photo, does at least not leave fibres behind. And those fibres are quite literally the only thing I can see which isn't spot on with this model. (Of course, if like me you fail to brush the area with a fibre on  it will still be there :doh:)

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It's a beauty Thierry! You've done wonders with this one. And your decision regarding the wheels was definitely the right call. 

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