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PK-174 M19 Tank Transporter

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My next contribution is the M19 tank transporter. A Revell rebox of the Matchbox original. 




There are three very dark green sprues, including a lovely base. I had taken a photograph before slapping on some paint but it got corrupted so this is after a coat or two of paint. There's a bit of flash and a lot of mould lines so it will need cleaned up as we go along. So it'll need painted at the end but this will act a small cover for some the more hidden parts. Also the green colour takes a lot of coats to cover up so this will act a small an undercoat. 




Several pages of instructions. 




Colour call outs for 4 options, two North West Europe, one post war Bundeswher and an Israeli version, along with the requisite transfers. Alas, no Western Desert option as included in the original MB boxing. 





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Several coats of paint on now and the wheels in particular took a bit of time. 




and there a lot of wheels. Almost a whole sprue of them.  




Off to a start with the truck chassis. 






and some further sub assemblies, the winch and truck body. The winch was a nightmare to assemble, I don't know why but I just couldn't get it to fit together. 



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On 4/8/2022 at 10:00 AM, JOCKNEY said:

Great stuff @825

I hadn't realised these were in active service for so long !

Best of luck with this one.

Cheers Pat

They were in use for a while. Although replaced as first line in the British Army in the 50s, they were still in use in the 70s. 


I've done some work on the trailer parts, I think a little bit of paint will be needed before final assembly as some areas will be inaccessible. 



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Some more work done. The transporter body assembled and nearly done. Apart from the wheels. 




And the cab started. I glazed the windscreen with some plastic from food packaging. The small window in the cab rear is small enough for Krystal Kleer and the doors will have the windows wound down. 




And the first set of wheels added. 



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16 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

Great start 825, that is a lot of wheels to paint!!!


There are 37 including the spare wheels. Luckily Matchbox's engineering is really good and everything can be hand painted without masking. I've bitten the bullet and done the wheels for the tractor. I'll leave them to dry and then touch up the paint before adding the upperworks. 




and next will be the 24 wheels for the trailer. 

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The cab now assembled, apart from the doors, and attached to the chassis. 




And a start on the trailer wheels. These are the front axles. 




A ittle bit of work on the winch. I think a black wash over the wire is probably needed. 



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All 24 wheels onto the trailer. 




And there's not a lot more to be done. A little bit of detail work and then some transfers, which are not yet sorted. 



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Trailer finished and the tractor almost done apart from some easy to knock off parts. Transfers to be added, then some matt varnish, and the last few bits on and the M19 will be ready for the gallery. And the other cab door as well. 





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Now pretty much finished and almost ready for the gallery photo shoot. I had to replace one of the door mirrors as the shaft broke when removing it from the sprue. A bit of plastic rod did the trick with the original mirror. 








a little bit of weathering with some dry brushed sand colour and a matt varnish coat to finish. 

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Finally done. 






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