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1/72 RAAF Lincoln B.30

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This build occurred a few years back but I thought the steps may be informative for someone contemplating this build themselves. 


This kit was the 1980 issue Airfix Lancaster, with the addition of the DB Models Lincoln conversion kits.


The kits include a number of parts in white metal, resin and vacform. First step was to cut the fuselage up and insert the vacform plugs.






These actually fit pretty well and I used some internal bracing supports to ensure the fuselage wouldn't sag when supported purely by the plugs.


Next, I drilled out the new nose and added some longerons and stringers




I also utilised the White Ensign Models' Lancaster detail set for some of the internals.



Following the joining of the plugs, the fuselage halves were trial-fitted to work out what was needed next. I also added some internal longerons to the fuselage. You can see the internal fuselage supports here.



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With longerons and bulkheads fitted, the nose internals were painted black.




While the airbrush was out, some of the internal details were also painted.





Next, internal details were fitted.




I used photos and the Stewart Wilson book to get an idea of Lincoln internals. Many were the same as the Lancaster but just in a slightly different location.




I also used aftermarket .50" and 20 mm cannon. Unfortunately, my first purchases were 1/48 scale!



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The clear parts mostly came from the DB kit and were vacform. That called for some careful cutting and I wasn't happy with the overall appearance of the rear turret in particular.






The nose clear part needed a lot of fettling to make it fit.




I scratch-built the nose turret operating controls and fitted a spare seat for the bomb aimer.




Some of the Lancaster mid-upper turret etch parts were used to form the basis of the Lincoln's mid-upper. The slots for the cannons also needed to be cut out of the vacform part. I had access to actual Lincoln B.30 mid-upper and rear turrets at my local aircraft museum in Caloundra, which was a huge help.




After fitting up the guns to the rear turret, I knew something didn't look right:




That's right - the guns are 1/48, not 1/72!


The Airfix kit rear turret was used as a basis for the Lincoln's turret.




The mid-upper built up reasonably well after a few false starts:



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The fuselage bits were then joined up. Attention to the rear fuselage side profile is important here.




Some more work on the rear turret and paint got me to this:




Cockpit came up okay.




The Lincoln's outer wing dihedral is less than the Lancaster's, so you need to cut the wings to reduce it. I used Dymo tape to help with guiding he razor saw.





Cuts made, the wing parts were joined up with the DB Models new wingtips.




Lots of gaps to fill, so it was out with the auto body filler.




LOTS of sanding/filling/sanding later and I had this:




A trial fit of the wings shows just how big this thing is!




Engine nacelles, new fin/rudder assemblies and canopy were next.




New Merlin 85 power eggs are another DB models kit.




Fitted up and waiting for the two-part epoxy to dry.




Another vacform part is the new outer engine aft nacelles.






Glue dried and the add-ons are apparent. I used the Alley Cat fin and rudder set, rather than modifying the kit parts as suggested by DB Models.




Lancaster and Lincoln landing gear wells are almost identical so...





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Soooo much sanding and filling!




Finally, the first primer coat went on. This let me see where I still need to do more work.






Wheel wells were painted RAAF Interior Green




Lots of Humbrol Aluminium later and it is looking close.




The rear turret had  lot more work done on it before it arrived at this:



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Decalling was next. The first lot of Hawkeye Decals didn't work the way I wanted.




Quite uncharacteristic as they're usually very good.


I ended up using a combination of them, Southern Sky Models and the kit decals.




From here, it was props, turrets and guns. RFI at 


Hope it helps someone!

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28 minutes ago, VG 33 said:

Most interesting subject.

Thanks Patrick. I'm sure Airfix will release an injection kit eventually but it fills a long-wanted hole in my collection now. It's a hard slog!

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Very nice! I have a RAAF conversion in storage that I've given up on for the moment. I may get back to it eventually, although hopefully Airfix will finally release a Lincoln kit before that happens.





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