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SR-71 Blackbird Exhaust Nozzles & Wheel Set (3DF48003 & 3DF48004 for Revell) 1:48

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SR-71 Blackbird Exhaust Nozzles & Wheel Set (3DF48003 & 3DF48004 for Revell)

1:48 3DF via Hobby Colours




Revell released a brand-spanking-new kit of the magnificent SR-71 Blackbird in my favourite scale, 1:48 recently that made a lot of campers very happy.  New Greek company 3DF have not been idle, and released these two sets to enhance the detail, using the latest 3D Printers that use SLA processes to create highly detailed resin parts from UV-curing liquid resin.  The finesse of SLA printing has improved immensely of late, and this has led to companies creating 3D printed parts that are ready for market without any further preparation, which saves time and gives the modeller the sharpest replica possible, which thanks to the method used in printing means that the part count is reduced without affecting the detail.  Each of these sets arrives in a compact cardboard box with a push-through tray, with the parts cocooned in bubble-wrap inside, and further padded by the folded instructions within.



Exhaust Nozzle Set (3DF48003)

Comprising just two parts that are separated by sheets of foam to protect them from each other, the exhaust parts are just incredibly detailed, and supported on a ring-shaped base with short fingers supporting it from beneath, giving it the look of a squat cooling tower in miniature.  The detail on the inner surface is stunning in its complexity, and although the outer surface is simpler, the quality is just as crisp.  Other than cutting it free from its supports, they’re a drop-in replacement for the kit parts, bringing a huge increase in detail to the rear of your Blackbird.







Wheel Set (3DF48004)

This set has a larger number of parts due to the fact that the Blackbird had eight highly specialised wheels in total, all of which were impregnated with aluminium powder to cope with the extremes of heat that were encountered when the aircraft was flying at speeds in excess of 3,000mph where the passing air created huge quantities of heat through friction.  There are eight cloud-shaped printing bases that each hold three parts, and are of four different types as shown by an embossed A-D letter on the base of each one.  The nose gear has two wheels, which are each made up from the tyre and two hub parts, while the main gear legs have a triple-layer of wheels that are slightly larger than those of the nose.  There are two each of inner, mid and outer wheels, which have different hub details as befits their position in the pack.  The tyres each have those strange depressions at regular intervals on their contact patch, plus infinitesimal maker and data stencils in relief, into which the hub parts fix, sharing the same level of detail throughout.  The attachment fingers have been carefully placed away from the detailed surfaces, appearing inside the carcass of the tyre, and on the back of the two hubs, so that cutting or sanding them flush is all you need to do.  There is a small flat-spot on each wheel, and the opposite surface has a few visible layers where the printed finished them off, but under primer and paint they should just disappear, possibly with a few swipes of a fine sanding stick if they persist.







The detail is eye-popping on these parts, and their ease of integration with your model should make them even more appealing to your average modeller with a soft-spot for the old Blackbird, which still hasn’t been bettered in aviation terms, that we know of.  The price of the parts is also appealing, so they should sell extremely well.


Very highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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