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Condor New Livery - this should be fun!!


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Get the masking tape ready, this new livery should be a good challenge for us airliner modellers.


Link to Airliners.Net picture of A330-900  Condor New Livery


Its definitely a radical departure from the 'Euro White' schemes we tend to see all too often nowadays.

Not sure yet whether I actually like it - it might grow on me.

I'm sure I'll be having a go at building this if decal makers produce logos / markings etc.





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Although I'm not yet a fan (it might take time to grow on me), you can certainly see it coming! After the age of the 'billboard titles' and oversized tail logos, it makes a change to have them small and discreet.





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On 6/7/2022 at 8:49 AM, Eric Mc said:

It will be popular with Glasgow Celtic and Shamrock Rovers fans.

I have this image of Glasgow Rangers playing in Germany, chartering a flight for fans and Condor, who are probably blissfully unaware of West of Scotland football tribalism, supplying the green and white striped A330 ..... :oops:

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3 hours ago, PhantomBigStu said:

Apparently if Herpa are correct it also comes in a yellow variant and their 757-300's will have a red version, not keen on it at all 

According to Gaston Roca of Nazca Decals there will be A321s with red, orange(ish), blue and green stripes. I genuinely can't make up my mind if I like it or not but there's no denying it's different.

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I wonder if we will see any Condor planes in red/yellow(ish) stripes? That'll cover all the bases - red/white (ketchup/mayo), yellow/white (mustard/mayo), and then red/yellow (ketchup/mustard).

I only tolerate red/white with my Currywurst.

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