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Mark IV Female "DEBORAH"

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Hello everyone on the forum,


this model is built from the Emhar 1/35 set. The marking is based on the book Mark IV. by D. Fletcher. The real tank was destroyed at the battle of Cambrai 20.11. 1917.

Best regards,

Ivo from the Czech Republic.














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I greet everyone here and thank you for the positive feedback. The Emhar model was just the basis of the construction. In addition, there are belts from Panzeshop, own production are machine guns, wooden cylinder in the upper part, chain system, new construction of L profiles, tools in the fence at the top. Regards Ivo

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Hello everyone. Thank you for the friendly comments. I am very happy. Another model for the presentation will follow soon. Have a nice Sunday morning from the Czech Republic. Ivo

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What a great looking kit. Everything from the details in the stowage, the paintjob, the heavy weathering.... it all looks the part! It's as if this tank rolled straight from the battlefield! 

You have skills sir!!! 👍👍👍👍

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What everyone else has said, detail and weathering is brilliant and above all, realistic.

The piece of wood to tension the cable between the chains is a beautiful touch, a natural thing that a practical crew would have done.

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Stunning work all round, so many little details that stand out - the fascine, stowage, ditching beam to name but 3. I assume you've used after market tracks as they don't look like Emhar's rubber band tracks.


The real thing is now in a museum at Flesquieres, I visited Deborah in 2019.




IMG_7691 - Copy



IMG_7692 - Copy



IMG_7694 - Copy






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