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HMS Glamorgan colours

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Well spotted Sir!


I am sure that the angled superstructure and door was only on the Batch IIs. All pictures I have seen of the earlier batch don't appear to have this feature as you can see in this picture of HMS Kent.



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Some great stuff coming on with GLAMORGAN Jeff.  To create a SeaSlug launcher of that fidelity from styrene is very impressive.  I now consider that I had cheated by using PE!


Your are correct that the 965 aerial is the large "double bedstead".  It was a long rang air warning radar which at the time was probably quite sophisticated but it was a design from the 1950s that certainly by 1982 was distinctly showing its age which was why it was being replaced with the vastly improved 1022.

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4 minutes ago, Our Ned said:

Sorry Dave, all the County class had this feature on the port side (your photo of Kent shows the starboard side - and even there, one can see the angled port after corner of the superstructure).  See, for example, http://www.hazegray.org/navhist/rn/destroyers/county/county7.jpg


https://envisitadecortesia.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/hms-devonshire-04.jpg?w=576&h=458, and bootneck's photo of Hampshire earlier in this thread.

The hangar was purpose-designed to take a (folded) Wessex, and, without the cutaway under the overhang, the aircraft could not have been moved forward from the flight deck.


Hi Our Ned, I think you're misinterpreting Dave's comment, I'm pretty certain he's not talking about the undercut of the superstructure on the port side but the projection on the starboard rear face of the superstructure, as it happens AA has incorporated it in his mods, but Dave's point is that it isn't present on Batch I ships.

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11 hours ago, Chewbacca said:

I now consider that I had cheated by using PE!

No, definitely not. It's a skill many of you have that I don't for various reasons. And your models are significantly improved because of it. No, it's definitely not cheating.       Regards, Jeff.

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