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Survivability of drones


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I guess most of us modellers prefer good, old piloted aircraft, but, like it or not, UAV or drones are here to stay and we will see more and more of them.

However, I am a bit perplexed by the apparent success of relatively slow propeller-driven drones in recent conflicts like the now famous Bayraktar TB2 in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan 2020 and currently against Russia. Another case are the (supposedly) Iranian drones used by Houthi rebels against high-value targets deep inside Saudi Arabia.

I can understand that slow, propeller-driven drones (like MQ-1 and MQ-9) were effective when used over Afghanistan where there was next to no air defence, but I wonder how similar slow UAVs can survive against (ostensibly) more sophisticated air defence systems like those of Saudi Arabia or Russia.

Of course, these drones are small and made from composites, but they are not that tiny. In addition, I wonder why the data link connecting the drone to the ground station does not seem to be vulnerable to jamming.

Can anyone shed light on this matter?

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Under normal circumstances this topic wouldn't be a problem, but with what's going on in Ukraine right now, it's either going to attract political comments, or someone could inadvertently post up something critical that aids certain people to take action against them.  Maybe another time, eh? :shrug:

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