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Italeri Sea Harrier FRS.1, Wessex HAS.3, Revell Sea Vixen FAW.2 & Italeri Fokker 27

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Afternoon all,


First post in a while but I have been busy squirreling away on a few subjects. I've been deployed outside the country for a few months, so these were mainly built within the confides of what equipment I had available. Therefore, some parts are missing, aerials lost in transit or just simply didn't have the time to complete the finer detail.

Up first is Italeri's (ESCI) Fokker 27, built entirely out of the box in Air UK. I had quite a few issues with seams on this bird, which I put down to either poor plastic or improper gluing of the join. The white also didn't lay as smoothly as I'd hoped, but never mind!




Next up are two relics from the Falklands, both courtesy of Italeri. The Harrier steps are from Brengun and the flight tags are Airwaves. I am aware the tail rotors are the wrong way around and one side of the main rotor blades are upside down in the folded position, but these have a molded droop in them. The Wessex was bought second hand with part of the hump missing infront of the radome, so this is yet to be added.







Finally is the Revell rebox of the CyberHobby Sea Vixen FAW.2 with Pavla resin Ejector seats and Aires resin wheels. I understand it's not the most accurate of models, but the engineering of the kit and option of the wing fold meant it went togeather with minimal fuss.






Many thanks for looking. I'll see you on the next build..



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