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Nice new World update for FS2020 out today.

One 48

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This is World Update 8: Iberia includes an upgrade of satellite imagery and elevation data with new POIs for both Spain and Portugal, WU update 9 is due mid May for Italy and Malta, they are getting there, still an awful lot I desire from this sim, but it does seem to be getting better and maturing nicely.

This upgrade was the smoothest ever for me, moved the community folder out first as usual before upgrade, tested and then moved community folder stuff back and so far so good with my various add-ons.

Release notes were not available for some reason this morning? but I notice less general GPU and CPU utilisation when installing or in menu's and that certainly never used to be the case, it always seemed strange to me when starting the sim my RTX 3090 and watercooled AMD 59050X system fans would scream, hopefully they have tamed this at last, expensive hardware and was never really happy FS2020 thrashed it as if it were a stress test bench mark program upon start and just navigating menu's.  Some updates could take hours, not good having your PC parts stressed for no reason during a mere install.

Seems like a good update so far, they seem to be going in the right direction with this simulation, slowly but surely :)

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