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Hi folks,


This month's free mini from Games Workshop was a Namarti Reaver - they're elves that went wrong (with no soul, hence no eyes) and went to live in the sea rather than being destroyed. They come out of the ocean to steal souls from coastal communities, and the lack of eyes makes them easier to paint :)



(click for bigger)


The skin is thinned contrast glazed with regular paints, and I used similar techniques for the cloth as well. The mother-of-pearl bow and weapon details are done by dotting glazes into wet medium so they spread and create very soft blends.



I think she came out quite well and at three evenings' work rates as only moderately time consuming :)

Here are the elf factions I've touched so far. I don't have any of the tree ones (apart from a tree-man I guess!)




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Thanks :) The shading on the face is mostly from the wash, I didn't have to darken anything after that, just build up the mid-tones and highlights.


The colours were inspired by the GW Briomdar scheme, I really like it. The bow is mine though, based on the Spindle Drones I did a while ago.



I think if I ever get around to doing some of the fish, the pearl will look good on the howdahs and saddles and things?




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Thanks for the kind words folks.

It's a hard choice with the underwater elves - some people paint/base them as though they're underwater, with corals and caustics. But they're supposed to be able to come out of the water and bring a sort of magic "ghost of the sea" with them so their fishes work properly. I'm not sure how to show either of those so settled for "on a beach" 😕



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