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Schneider trophy record holder Supermarine S6b 1931


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Many years ago I did this model of the Schneider trophy racer Supermarine S6b, but never did anything with it,

so I decided to give it a go and came up with this..


Calshot Spit


It shows racer S1595 parked in front of the Calshot castle in the Solent, where the UK races took place in in late 1920's and early '30's

S1595 won the race for the fourth time setting an average speed record of 340.08 mph.

My scene here shows the two planes (S1595 and S1596) parked in fron of the Calshot castle, doing engine running test and preparations for the race (the wing of S1596 can be spotted behind that guy on the ground)

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Don't say this often but that is AWESOME! Stunning work again Nils!


Surprised it didn't launch itself off the launch trolley with all that power though! :)


Lovely picture!



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Thanks for your kind words Keith!

Regarding your concern about the ‘self launching trolley’ 😁 I’ve thought of that… there’s wooden beams blocking the wheels. Maybe a bit hard to spot as it’s a bit dark under there. 
It looks fragile with the plane under throttle, more or less balancing on those fragile wooden things, but I’ve seen photos of the situation, and it looked much like this…

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