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        Good morning everyone… My first RFI for the year. I present to you my 1/72 Eduard MiG-21R based on the MF kit. The Recon pod is Eduard Brassin resin, the wingtip  SPO-3 antenna’s are scratch built. This was built in the MiG-21R single type group build. Bort #2111 was received from the factory in the USSR in 1972 and served until retirement. She was one of 36 R-types used by the Polish Air Force. 



















Pictured alongside my 2nd RFI an EA-18G Growler from the Hornet STGB. A5r1S4I.jpg

Yes they're the same scale. Please feel free to visit my build thread. 




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8 hours ago, Wulfman said:

Very nice work on the MiG, you must have quite a collection now !



Thank you, sadly more than I have space for. 


6 hours ago, drake122 said:

Very nice, I didn't know so little is needed to convert Mig-21MF into R... just a recon pod and 2 wingtip antennas? Great subject choice too.

Visually I couldn't find anything else, I did a good bit of digging. Right up to just before I painted it. The cockpits would be slightly different but with closed canopy I didn't bother. 


7 hours ago, GiampieroSilvestri said:

Fantastic Mig-21R!





Thank you very much sir. 

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Neat little MiG and a nice Growler as well ! :thumbsup:

Its incredible how small the MiG-21 really is

Its a great kit BTW.

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