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CAC Dart Powered Mustang - Academy Kit with Red Roo Conversion

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In 1969 a Sydney businessman, Hockey Treloar, purchased a CAC Mustang and had a Rolls-Royce Dart from a Viscount 800 fitted to it. Although the conversion was very professionally done, for various reasons it never flew, and was eventually re-converted to a standard Mustang and flies today in the US as La Pistolera.

This is the Red Roo conversion kit which is based on the Academy P-51. My build has a couple of additional extras - a Yahu instrument panel and an Aires cockpit interior. 










It was not a difficult build - the most important thing is to get the dihedral correct by using the wheel bay supplied in the conversion kit.


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20 hours ago, Wulfman said:

ripe for a whif methinks !

You mean like this...........


It has a few hints and tips relating to a 'standard' build and also note that my colleague VH-JEB started his in 2012! It was on his 'shelf' for quite a while!


This conversion has been out of production for a long time but we recently found enough parts to make a very few complete kits and we will put them on the web site soon. After that they will not be available again.


Similar to Cavalier Mustang and Piper Enforcer but not quite the same.


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