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TAMIYA WILDCAT V (JV394) 1/48 Fleet Air Arm

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Although having been building models for many years this is my first since joining the BM forum so I hope this overview is of interest to like minded Fleet Air Arm enthusiasts.

The kit is the vintage Tamiya GRUMMAN F4F-4 WILDCAT from the early 1990s.  To my mind it still stands up well to more modern versions even though the rear fuselage rivet detail is rather heavy.  I had no problem putting it together and only complicated things for myself by deciding to include the AIRES wing fold conversion.  This is cast resin and very finely detailed but extremely delicate and I managed to damage some of the components whilst cleaning up the castings.  Thinning down the wing sections to accept the cast parts was a chore but I think worth the effort.  The only other issue was that I like to have canopies open, particularly when we spend so much time and effort on the cockpit interiors.  The kit transparency is too thick to slide aft of the cockpit so I reduced the fuselage spine a little to allow it to sit down in a more realistic fashion.  This butchery can't be seen once the canopy is in place.

So there it is, my first BM post.  I'm now rummaging in the stash to decide on the next project.



















Thanks for looking.


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Very nice build and finish Ian - the wing fold looks superb and was well worth the effort!





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Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Been trying to decide on the next build.  It will definitely be an FAA aircraft but I need inspiration.

I have a large cupboard where I keep my stash.  My wife calls it the "Narnia" cupboard because there's a whole secret world inside.  Just heading in now.

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Now that's a great looking Martlet !!

Congratulations !!

Totally agree with GB and BBB !! Another FAA bird will look great beside it...

Join the band of happy Fleet Air Arm Maniacs.... :yahoo:

Sincerely !!


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