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Airfix 1/48 303 Squadron Hurricane I [no local connection]

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Usually my builds have some sort of local connection to the north of The Netherlands but not this one. The Airfix 1/48 Hurricane I has been in my stash for a while. I picked it up on a lovely trip to the Bristol area a few years ago. Could have bought it in a local hobby store or online anywhere but it was a nice little memory from that trip. For a long time I was planning to build JX-B but I was inspired to build a 303 Squadron aircraft, so that's what it's going to be.




The kit is nicely detailed from the box. Two things I appreciate from Airfix: one, their modern kits are constructed somewhat the way the real thing was constructed which gives you a nice insight into how these aircraft were conceived.




Two, their colour call outs in the instructions are in fact mostly correct. They were correct for the 1/72 B-17 and they're also correct for the Hurricane, as far as I can tell.


I added some parts from the Eduard set for this kit. It's been painted with my usual combination of Spanish acrylics. AK, Vallejo, and Mig Ammo.




I tried to improve the Eduard instruments panel by adding some colour to the gauges on the right hand side. The instruments panel was sprayed with clear flat (Vallejo's flat varnish thinned with 70% alcohol). Tamiya clear was then finally added to the gauges.




Going to be putting the wings together, and then adding it into the fuselage.


Thanks for looking as always!



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Cockpit finished, assembled the wings, and getting ready to put the fuselage together:




As mentioned in the first post I'm using parts of an Eduard interior set. I think they got the setup of the Sutton harness wrong so I modified it a little. I also added two gauges on the left hand side of the cockpit from spare decals (these are actually from a 1/48 FW-190 instruments panel).




Finally a picture of the instruments panel and the cockpit assembly:




Gluing the fuselage together next. Thanks for looking!



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Nice work Elger


Ive built a couple of these kits and problems there both times. The first time I ended up cutting away some of the interior frame work at the front of the cockpit. Second time wasn’t quite so bad. Next should be ok……?



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Working on some details. I had bought the Eduard Brassin wheels but I remembered there was some discussion them being the wrong size. Just last week there was a discussion over at Hyperscale discussing the size of Hurricane wheels and the thread concluded they had a diameter of 24,5" which should be about 13,5 mm in 1/48. The kit wheels are in fact a lot bigger (almost 15 mm) and the Eduard wheels are a bit too small (just under 13 mm) but they're closer in size and they look much nicer so I'll go with them.





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It's coming together and I'll be able to start painting it soon




I decided to add the radiator now - I painted the interior Sky and I added actuator rods




Thanks for looking!

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@elger, she's coming together very well.  303 Sqn are one of my favourite squadrons; as a child when going to see my grandmother in west London I would always look out for the Polish War Memorial new RAF Northolt.  I'll be very interested to see her coming together and will follow the build.  I have the same kit in my stash and want to do something interesting with it.

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Paint on. After struggling to make my own mix with Mig Ammo paints I went with Vallejo Yellow Olive and English Uniform for Dark Green and Dark Earth. I did use Mig Ammo's Sky for the underside:






Next up: decals. Thanks for looking!


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Decals on and I've already done a bit of weathering.






Next up final weathering and finishing. Thanks for looking!

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